so, continuing my efforts from this time last year...

i've been working on a proper reimplementation of the XBAND server, and i just had a conversation with someone over X-Mail!

i guess i'll make this a development log thread

mr cia man why is your phone suddenly showing you an ad for “meet hot singles in dallas”

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man if jfk had gotten shot in 2020 the case would be open and shut before the body was cold just cuz of enough smartphone footage to put the whole thing back together in vr with photogrammetry

uspol, LA city official meeting roasting 

uspol, LA city official meeting roasting 

unrest, apple kudos 


If on a conference call you utter the phrase “I don’t see why we would ever need to revoke keys,” you done fucked up.

@dashie is it an apple cable? my cat (also a medium haired calico like maat) fuckin loved licking the slightly sticky apple silicone jacketed cables until they wore out. I collected frayed lightning cables from coworkers to throw at her to destroy.

how I handle birdsite 

I’ve discovered a new favorite subgenre of Mario Maker, which is Pointless Cryptographic Dick Waving Levels

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