A lot of my friends on Twitter seem to have a deep hatred of Mastodon, and I'm trying to figure out why. I can certainly understand just not wanting to use Mastodon, Lord knows, I'm here very rarely myself, but I don't understand the vitriol against it.

@twylo a lot of people have issues with instances that rule with an iron fist

@xarph I can certainly understand that, but there are lots of instances, or you can even run your own (god forbid, I've done this and I hated it, what a mess the software stack is) if you really wanted to. I think for some of them the problem is discoverability, which is definitely not great here.

@twylo @Xarph I think that has always been the issue. Sense things are split into instances, it’s hard to find and discover things.

@LoranSkunky @twylo i can count on one hand the number of toots I've seen be "viral"


@LoranSkunky @twylo like, the reason all the right wing instances shrivel up and die no matter how resourced they are is that there are no libs to shit on. The rest of mastodon is the same way - no Main Characters to shit on - except good instances have an identity and don't need bloodshed to keep up "engagement."

Some people don't want to admit they're here for spectacle.

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