Greetings followers with RSI or other issues that weaken their grip or otherwise make turning tight things difficult. Allow me to present the strap wrench, designed to remove overheated oil filters from huge trucks, which is a mere $10 at the hardware store.

@xarph gosh, that's great. I really struggle and hate having to rely on another person.

@xarph I keep one of those handy for just such things. My wife finds it awkward, so I'm the only one that uses it. 😆

@Xarph there’s also this great tool I’ve had that lifts up the edge of the lid to break the seal. The lifting motion is sometimes easier for me than twisting even with extra leverage and it’s very fast. Called Jar Key I think?

@s0 @Xarph I leave mine in the work kitchen with a note questioning the reader's masculinity

☝🏽 assistive device suggestion for hand impairments (cw: food, media description in this post) 

A video demonstrating opening a jar of spaghetti sauce with a $10 strap wrench from @Xarph in

@xarph @GwenfarsGarden ooohh! I use a silicone oven mitt for opening jars, it's very grippy

@ehashman @GwenfarsGarden i have one too. sometimes, though, shifting the torque from wrist to elbow is what is needed.


ooh that makes perfect sense, thanks! as in, we have those around & they'd be sufficient, probably, given our current abilities.

used to have a rubber pad designed for something else I used to use, but we got rid of it. got old & brittle I think

@xarph @GwenfarsGarden

@Xarph @twistylittlepassages I've kept a small one in the utensil drawer for years. I've never had good grip strength. People look at me funny given a man of my stature sometimes has trouble with jars, but I'm not too proud to use one. Better than wrist pain.


yeah, I'm looked to in that role, too, and often when it comes to me I need to scramble around for a tool of some kind.

@xarph @twistylittlepassages

@xarph I have something very similar that I break out any time Mom has a jar she can't open. I ought to get her one of her own.

@gemlog i learned two science and math things in high school that I still use. one is leverage and torque. the other is the pythagorean theorem.

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