I have a hoard of synthesizers, and a hoard of old video games, and a hoard of plushies, and a hoard of clothes i generally don’t wear anymore, and...


@coda Now I have a tabletop adventure idea for a dragon that has no interest in fighting the adventurers, but wants to hire them directly to just take all their excess hoard.

@xarph the adventurers are basically 1-800-GOT-JUNK

@coda @xarph I legitimately love this and will use it some day in a campaign.

@coda @pandora_parrot The actual antagonists of this campaign are the private equity investors, lawyers, and mercenaries that are exerting various claims on the hoard based on property rights of the people it was hoarded from and the real estate rights of where the dragon lives. No one could ever just take it back from a dragon in its lair, so everyone forgot except the lawyers and politicians.

@coda @pandora_parrot i have just finished "the pirate hunters" by robert kurston, in which the main antagonists to fishing up untold riches were the dominican government, other treasure hunters, and the owner of the salvage rights to the area containing a sunken pirate ship. This is relevant to this adventure.

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