@Trysdyn @coyoteseattle @Facet @violetSpark do any of you nerds want to come watch new japan pro wrestling at the city national civic on nov 6? I expect it to be hilariously over the top.

@Xarph @trysdyn @Facet @violetSpark Sounds like a fun time to me, and the only thing on my calendar for that day is continuing to be bad at job hunting, so count me in.

@xarph @Trysdyn @coyoteseattle @Facet Oh! Strong maybe for me. Sounds like fun but it also sounds like a lot of people x_x

@violetSpark @Trysdyn @coyoteseattle @Facet i plan on getting seats up in the balcony rather than down on the floor. I don't know if that helps.

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