i like the dead kennedies cause you don't gotta go, dang, i wonder what this song called "lets lynch the landlord" is about

fractious day in the rust evangelism strike force

mushroom id 

What are these shrooms

I wanna know if they would poison my cats if they tried to eat them

What a good day it is to stay off of Twitter.

Looking forward to discount candy tomorrow

Rip the mastodon bug tracker as suddenly hundreds of thousands of unwanted pen testers attack an instance and 0-day the hell out of it

tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

Officially having too much fun now.

I started out wanting to use plan9 as my "occult research OS", but my previous efforts have very much been implementations of systems in occultism. This is where I'm actually starting to do experiments and I'm quite excited about it.

cat drugs 

Patreon is great for webcomics and YouTubers, but do not pass up this old man in Montana attempting to selectively breed the most potent catnip in this or any age. patreon.com/posts/57326613

Starting a new NFT project where for $10k I’ll send you the randomart output from rsa-keygen

I got my annual physical today and when they put my blood into the blood test machine it just printed out a picture of a hamburger.

Impossible to know if good or bad.

This is ozy the media company not ozzy osbourne who appears to be fine and thank satan for that

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