Do the cops ever wonder why there's no song called Fuck Tha Fire Department

Is it a regional thing or has literally every meatpacking company in grocery stores and delis been replaced by boar's head, a company that didn't seem to exist five years ago?

lol some person spent four months compiling a list of every joke that could plausibly be considered offensive to someone, dumped it on critical role's discord, and demanded to be paid for it. Then yelled publically that they were getting for_exposure.txted.

man airpods pro battery life is really erratic. Sometimes dead in two hours, sometimes good for four or five.


I wish userscripts worked on ipad where I do the bulk of my general browsing so I could switch “masks” with “trousers” and laugh at fools who are why we can’t have nice things.

IDEA: simcity game but you're just the power company for your area...

But it's the full complexity - 3 phases, transformers, line resistance, automotive crashes, tree branches on the lines, power plants that sometimes need outside power to start up / maintain safety in emergencies, customers who don't like outages (especially ones that go unnoticed), the works.

lol i got an email from microsoft telling me that the 69 charger in my forza 6 garage has had its livery removed.

believe women 2020 

Welp the somethingawful forums are finally cancelled. Time to find some other bbs style hangout

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