Spent the last two weeks scanning and re-scanning and sometimes three-scanning each page of this, making sure it's preserved as best I can. archive.org/details/1984macint

retrocomputing porn 

retrocomputing porn 

Went to bed fine, woke up with a cold that somehow skipped the sore throat stage. I rely on that stage for planning and getting a lot of cheap chicken soup ready! Bastard.

Waking up with a cold after going to sleep with no symptoms is an anime betrayal

historically important yet terrible person 

Now I'm not saying I'm asking for people to just let me know if they have a crush on me so I can start flirting shamelessly with them...

...but I'm asking people to just let me know if they have a crush on me so I can start flirting shamelessly with them.

(Not that I expect this to be the case at all :P)

I intend to disrupt the phylactery business by allowing liches to store their soul in a VARCHAR(255) MySQL field.

Please submit names for my business that will apply the uber and wework model of pissing VC money down the toilet in order to be first to monopolize immortal unlife.

what about a phone for people which are not giant

Came to the public office to ask stuff about taxes, met a sleepy employee called Vasilisa

tired: the tetris theme is a 40 second loop of a Russian folk song that you are contractually obliged to use

wired: the tetris theme is a 25-minute long SID piece with shifting time signatures and a distinct structure of building up and winding down. It appears only in the C64 port, which is otherwise one of the worst versions of the game.


In 2100 the world economy revolves around financial instruments backed by my 300 years of free credit monitoring.

Here is another "sign up to get money from a data breach," this time for Yahoo.


At this point my free credit monitoring will outlive me.


lol the FF8 remaster is a decompiled port of the ancient PC version with all the bugs "preserved." youtu.be/Ch_xNzDk6aY

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