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G Gundam was a gift we did not deserve.

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I give leave for someone to start a band called "transgender space invader"

On the one side, this is getting out of hand. On the other side, I'm with the group in the comments that will totally preorder one of these if it has Military Madness, aka proto-advance-wars-with-hexes. But then I also want the entire Nectaris series localized. theverge.com/2019/6/11/1866219

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I commend the inventors of the Burger King Impossible Whopper on their achievement, but at the end of the day it is a fast food hamburger.

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I don't like begging for boosts but this is both a safety thing and a "please share air conditioning if demand goes above forecast" thing. So pleas boost.

It's going to start getting hot this weekend. It's time to install the CAL ISO app! caiso.com/Pages/ISOToday.aspx

You can see how much power the grid can generate, and how much we're using in almost real time! Also see emissions, renewables, and wholesale energy cost!

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