Does anyone have a pokeflute

Asking for the port of egypt

The boat blocking Suez Canal is a snorlax send toot

Exploring the possibility of founding a religion that worships the ship currently stuck in the suez canal

The British bureaucrats that investigate aircraft incidents dryly call the drone and pilot that shut down gatwick a piece of shit for 65 pages

Until you cut it wrong and your boat engine catches fire

So the navy is like "ok this experiment failed" and the next chapter is "how do you get extremely non rigid bags of pure av gas off the sea floor without them leaking and/or setting you on fire

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This week's marine salvage anecdote is too long to screenshot but the reason for it is funny. The navy sunk a whole bunch of balloons full of aviation fuel in monterey bay.

The idea was seaplanes would pull up, plug in the hose, and the water pressure would push the fuel into the plane without needing pumps

Problem 1: tides and currents moved them around for miles

Problem 2: the local fishermen determined that if you cut the av gas with kerosene it would run their boats so yay free gas...

Someone is going around the neighborhood putting up signs screaming that the radiation from 5g will destroy property values

1) I wish, they deserve it
2) I want to put up adjacent signs that say "I have bad news about the Sun"

The venery term for a group of fedex trucks is a "delivery exception"

I got annoyed at a plumbing problem and tried to fix it, which just made everything worse.

Unfortunately the fixture involved is my left ear.


Reese's is releasing a peanut butter cup that is just peanut butter

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