The malcolm gladwell 10,000 hour thing is an out of context statement that got misinterpreted, but it's still useful shorthand for "good at something because lots of practice"

Reminder that your heroes on social media are in a quantum superposition of living up to, or disappointing, your expectations until events require declaration.


tfw a coworker cites a linus tech tips video unironically

I replied to a persistent facebook recruiter with "I want nothing to do with those nazis" and I feel like I did my good deed of the day

Here's a fascinating trade journal of the art historians, lawyers, and detectives who track down and repatriate stolen or looted art

might I remind you all that relying purely on one single chat platform for communication is bad, always have a backup account on another service, even if you don't use it that much. If I was in an emergency and needed to contact someone and they were only on discord, I would probably be gone.

lol who would ever lend this dumbass money again, especially since his main company, tile, is doomed to being "the android version until google buys them" as soon as apple releases their copy (which better be called apple chips)

Discord post-mortem from a cloud engineer on the outside 

I think a major reason I never followed the main plot in skyrim is that it wants me to kill that big dragon at the start of the game. That dragon saved my character from getting their head chopped off! I want to be its pal and go get tacos across state lines.

Seeking recommendations for jigsaw puzzle games on ipad. The one I played a lot released their ios 13 update and it removes the ability to import photos.

achievement unlocked: forked mastodon for personal instance because eugen's punishments for not federating are more severe than I want. (no about pages for private instances, even logged in? Seriously? no api/v1/instances so @tootapp doesn't work? Crazytown.)

I've decided to skip December congratulations it's now January

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