Update someone brought up the good point that it should be 1400 so it is less likely to interrupt lunch

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I am begging someone to release a patch to openssl that always rounds certiticate expiration times to the nearest wednesday at 1200 of the local machine that generated it

"Ten years from now is on a weekend" is a bug class that should be eliminated

it’s time to kill the old world.
it’s time to birth the new.
it is a time of monsters
on the muppet show tonight

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Vangelis :( :( :(

Klaus Schulz and Vangelis passing within a month of each other is some cosmic shit

You'll see this screenshot and either understand or not


eye contact, selfé 

Sage and i being hot the other day. also they had their frog bag in backpack mode while walking our dog and it was rly cute

I've discovered that plex's "sonic similarity" model can't tell the difference between amiga mods and brass bands

There has to be a term of art for "I know what the problem is down to what SQL statement I need you to run to unfuck my account but it doesn't appear on your tier 1 call center script so it's all hopeless."

0011868: Single dwarf went on a rampage after getting drunk in the tavern and now there is spam of everyone interrupting the other


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