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gender goal 

unknowable eldritch entity with adorable femboy vibes

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my toxic trait 

I've been occasionally messaging them and they haven't been responding all day. Clearly, they're just too tired or legitimately too busy to respond.


Or maybe they hate me; I should send another message to apologize.


Don't be so needy; it's not like you actively need the attention right now. They'll get in contact with you when they're ready.


But what if they don't though 😭

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bad socialization skills, tipsy talk 

I am BAD at staying in contact with people. It absolutely boils down to “I need something that I know THEY’RE interested in talking about AND is big enough to warrant a ‘hey, significant update message’”

Deities forbid I start a year long hiatus with “I found a half eaten donut on the ground” to a professional patisserie. I HAVE TO BE INTERESTING DAMMIT!!!!

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I like girls in ties and boys in skirts.

vague subpost, nothing here 

I hate so much that I find out about some stupid ass youtube drama and I'm super into knowing the details, despite not actively following the participants before this.

Emotional/relationship conflict of other people gives me strength. I mean, it's absolutely none of my business and I won't go prying into people's private affairs.......but also 👀🍿

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anyone got any favourite fables? particularly ones with animal characters :)

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CPU cooler replaced. Blissful silence. Except some of the rainbows won't come on anymore. That's a tomorrow Vios problem.

Me: -sees that someone has been working for this company for 23 years- oh wow, that's almost as long as I've been alive

Also me: ...wat???'re 30+!!!!!

Me: ........plz no?

gender things (~) 

Also remembering that the last time I did this, I started to really fem up my outfit options and...due to other things going on, my mental health declined as a result. I wasn't able to "dress as myself" during the week and had to deal with the intense pressure to "be a lady" 8 hours of the day.

Gotta be careful to not repeat that spiral 🙃

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I'm trying to go into work once a week wardrobe barely allows that. Thanks to working on the West coast for so long, I have plenty of work appropriate tshirts; maybe one or two shirts that are Acceptable East Coast Office Wear.

Guess part of my paycheck is going to updating my wardrobe a bit.....but I'll be damned if I let it be boring

Managed to drink 40oz of just water today. Success!!

My new cpu cooler came in but I just can't be bothered to replace it tonight. Such happiness and sadness

Hope folks are having an okay Monday night

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A Message For You ✉️ 

mew ❤️

A few that I like that I wanna try to redo. There's also a landscape that I can't find right now.....

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Also some of my old oil paintings. I should get back into that so I can hang something I'm proud of up

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Going through my box of artwork and prints and I'm finding a lot of stuff that marked my time with an ex. Not attached to it so I'm throwing it out. But now I get to go searching for stuff to go in the now-empty frames :D

Six hours, including breaks to build this Ikea furniture by myself. I hurt. Literally, painfully proud of myself.

Now to figure out dinner.......ugh more thinking

If you put too much salt in your butter chicken, you can add a bit of sugar to balance out the taste, apparently.

Woke up on the couch. Starting the morning strong!

Oh man, I've been playing this Switch game for a few hours. I should take a break.

-pulls out phone to play a different game-

Galaxy bath bomb had a rocket inside. I had fun "flying" it through the space bath.

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