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bad socialization skills, tipsy talk 

I am BAD at staying in contact with people. It absolutely boils down to “I need something that I know THEY’RE interested in talking about AND is big enough to warrant a ‘hey, significant update message’”

Deities forbid I start a year long hiatus with “I found a half eaten donut on the ground” to a professional patisserie. I HAVE TO BE INTERESTING DAMMIT!!!!

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I like girls in ties and boys in skirts.

ffxiv screenshots, no img description 

just cuz. AST, RDM, DNC, GNB. I think just AST has changed since I last posted them

Realizing my feelings were hurt way more than I thought they were.....

Friendly neighbors are great but also, please let me go back to my cave in peace.

This odd feeling that something bad is gonna happen today....It could just be as simple as "we've run out of milk" and I'm holding out hope that it's about that level.

us gov, fun fact 

TIL that the United States has eight uniformed services. And it is blowing my mind cuz I thought only the military things counted.

They are:
- Army
- Navy
- Marine Corps (low key thought this was the same as Navy)
- Air Force
- Space Force (forgot that this wasn't a joke)
- Coast Guard (wait....they're big bois?)
- Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (....wut?)
- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps (...WHAT???)

I forgot to eat no one forget to eat dinner!

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big iOS #tech #question for my ipad + discord any of you know why. on earth. I can't send a transparent image more than once in discord??????

(Usually) the first time I send it, it's fine, it retains transparency, awesome, love it.

The next time I try to send it, and almost every subsequent time adds a white background.

I don't understand why this is happening ???? 😭 It makes it hard for me to send commission files easily (refs, finished files, etc...)

I finally managed to crawl out of bed. Now to figure out what to have for lunch and what kind of (half) day I want to have.

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Top surgery, bandaged chest (no blood), hospital bed. 

#TopSurgery #Trans

mh (---), rambling 

Crying cuz my mom saw I was in A Mood and tried to suggest ordering what she thinks is one of my favs for lunch so that I "can put a smile on my face :)" but my brain just does not give a shit.

Crying harder cuz I know she's trying to help me feel better but it's not workin and it's not her fault but not being able to actually explain WHY it's not workin and that N O T H I N G will help.

Sniveling cuz I just wanna curl up and cry in peace instead of being in this Zoom call.

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drew my spouse's FFXIV WoL for his bday!

i keep telling myself i would hate to be a ffxiv comm artist and then continuing to draw ffxiv characters and their terribly detailed weapons

#MastoArt #ffxiv

"Why am I so fucking hot??"

-turns around and sees the sun shining directly through the open window, squarely on my body-


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