TFW I realize it's been months or years since I've done a particular activity or seen a specific person, but it feels like it was just yesterday or just last week.

Also, I seem to have bigger "signal-to-noise" problems here than other platforms.

Discord and other chats usually have multiple channels, making it easier to find things when I need, and bypass when I need.

Mastodon is single-stream, and has toot size limits, so longer posts or streams of thought translate into several screens of toots, so it's really easy for me to miss things.

Advice is welcome! [3/3]

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As to why I don't toot those:

1. On Zuckface, I'd just use one of the like buttons (the heart or the sadface) and then scroll past. On Discord or other chats, it feels easier and less formal to reply with hugs. Here, it feels like a hug-only toot is too informal.

2. I rarely talk about light-hearted
stuff on any platform - it feels inappropriate when there's so much suffering and existential threats we all deal with.

3. Catch-22: it takes a lot of focus for me to post about ADHD. [2/x]

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I wasn't very good at Birdspace, I shouldn't be surprised I haven't yet figured out how to Mastodon. I'm trying to figure out whether my issue ultimately boils down to ADHD or not.

If I tooted more often, it'd fall into three categories:

1. "@someone *offers hugs*"

2. Distractions I use to keep from losing my cool, such as Pokemon Go, other video games, or my latest Netflix binge.

3. Some story about how ADHD is hard, followed by asking how other people navigate the same situation. [1/x]


That feeling when someone asks how I’m doing, and I’m like, “I’m....... doing....... all right!😅" and I wonder whether the other person is trying to extrapolate all the aborted sentences, mentally-crossed-out words, and emotional hopscotch from all my awkward pauses and facial expressions

Has anyone else struggled with this and has tips or coping mechanisms?

Likewise, has anyone else taken a crack at aggregating streams across multiple API-friendly networks?

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I'm exploring whether it's feasible to smush and aggregate my various social networks into a smaller, more manageable number of feeds. And if it's feasible, whether it actually helps me. Fewer sites, but same number of context switches.

I'm assuming there isn't anything already out there that does this and is actually trustworthy. (Searching for "social media aggregator" isn't exactly fueling my faith in humanity.)

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Wow, three months since I tooted. Err, three months since I posted here. ADHD makes keeping up with multiple social networks *really* hard - I blink and suddenly I'm out of the habit of checking Mastodon, Discord, etc.

I like the concept of decentralized/federated networks, since it's a step in the direction of breaking FB/Twitter's stranglehold. But I need some way of keeping tabs on everything, because I'm no good at juggling.

Yes, I already knew they recycled that number. Yes, I know it's about dialysis. No, I don't give a fuck. I do not want to ever see that fucking abomination of a phrase again.

I just got a text from the "Yes on 8" campaign, and ended up flying into an apoplectic tirade while on my bus.

I'm not in a sound headspace and I don't know what to do about it. I need a room where I can scream, I need to not be around people, I need hugs.

I signed up! I haven't yet figured out how to best use this or how this changes my pattern of social media usage.

Also noticing that number in the lower right corner ticking down as I type. I haven't had the focus or patience to make long posts in a very long time; that said, does Mastodon support long-form, blog-style posting?

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