snatcher appreciation post!!!!!

in 1988 hideo kojima wrote and directed a cyberpunk visual novel called "snatcher"

it was given an english sega cd port with voice acting in 1995

i'm in the process of playing it rn and it's UTTERLY AMAZING so far

from the very first moments of the game (see the intro dedication in the first attached pic) it just goes so damn hard

the graphics are gorgeous, the world-building is top-notch, the music is stellar... i can't wait to see where it goes next!

if i had to describe this game in one word it'd be 


and the thing is

the lore is like SO DEEP

there's SO MANY optional dialogue bits and such where you can get even more info about the world and all that

there's a bit very early on where you're given access to a database with shitloads of stuff about the setting and all that

you don't HAVE to read all of it

but you totes can sit there for like half an hour just taking in the lore

it's so lovingly crafted

oh my god i just realized

it's kinda like fallout new vegas levels of worldbuilding

y'know, there's definitely a meme in there somewhere


in some ways

the worldbuilding in this game is just too damn real






@vantablack This game is amazing on so many levels. I recently did a playthrough as well and absolutely love it. "One Night in Neo Kobe City" is a certified banger.

@vantablack not often i hear about a non-MGS hideo kojima IP, i'll have to check this out

@vantablack The soundtrack to snatcher is permanently loaded to my media player. Right next to Policenauts.

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Every once in awhile, I will go to bed listening to a walk-through of the Sega CD version of Snatcher.

I enjoy listening to "One Night In Neo Joby City" from the MIDI Power album ver.5

@vantablack Snatcher is a classic that deserves a rerelease. Also if you like gorgeous animu cyberpunk, you should look up PC-98 games. The aesthetic is top notch.

@3D63 would you believe it's from an H-Game of all things?

@Evol Well... I heard PC-* platforms always had some love for those, and also being more "adult" in their interests and games, so, not so surprising ^^'

@vantablack *slaps boost for any snatcher appreciation toot* :blob_spin:

@vantablack definitely see some Akira and Blade Runner in the art and color from those panels.

@vantablack Is there an English translation of this game? I thought it was only in Japanese.

@theconfusedyeti it was released in english for the sega cd in 1995 😁

@vantablack Ok I'm interested. Tell me more about that please :blobpopcorn:

@yuki2501 multiple pandemics and the social ripples thereof, unhoused peeps living in tunnels beneath the city, all the sciencey tech stuff that's eerily close to the present day like the planned mars colony... the list goes on and on and on lol

Current dystopia, Elon 

@vantablack Oh wow. A Mars colony.

Just imagine how Elon could exploit his workers if he could operate unsupervised, in a colony where he could control the air supply with the flick of a switch.

The more time passes the more it looks like Ted Faro was directly based on him.

Current dystopia, Elon 

@yuki2501 @vantablack Bold to assume that Musk's Mars colony would manage to become a dystopia and not just end up as some kind of interplanetary Fyre Festival.

@vantablack I just started this myself, after finding out it was a Kojima game.

@vantablack couldn't agree more. I can't really tolerate Kojima's MGS games, but snatcher maintains a perfect balance of exploration and story.

highly recommend the english (fan) translation of Policenauts if you enjoy this one.

@vantablack @vga256 Didn’t know there was an English patch. Started looking for it right now!!!

@disidro @vantablack as far as translations go, it is a 10/10. i've never seen a game with a more lovingly crafted localization

@vantablack God, Snatcher. I need to have another shot at playing through that. I keep getting distracted by something else after the first act or so.
It never fails to delight me just how hard the intro goes tho. That theme tune is an absolute belter

@vantablack I found out voice acting and music is what makes a difference to me. Those age well: sound quality was already quite good. E.g. I enjoyed the first Gabriel Knight because voice acting was excellent.

@vantablack everything Hideo Kojima touched turned to solid gold, I still occasionally rage into the void at how Konami did him

@vantablack I replayed it till the end this year on my pocket retro device RG351MP and it holds really well! I got it originally for my Mega-CD when it came out in the 90s.

There are a couple of modern homages worth checking out, IMO:

2064: Read Only Memories is a gorgeous indie visual novel openly inspired by Snatcher, but without the shooting sections. It has an emphasis on LGBTQ representation.

Auger;Zenith is a free fan-made mod for Doom II that homages Snatcher, Policenauts, & Blade Runner. It's all shooting and no sleuthing. But it nails the Sega CD & Saturn look, & shows what a similar world could look like in an action game.

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