okay fuck it

here's gargron's cover of "fireside" by arctic monkeys

he uploaded it to announce audio uploads a few years ago but the file is missing now

i saved it bc i figured it was an important bit of mastodon history lol

it's not funny bc it's bad

it's just funny bc it's gargron


damn i shoulda used the avatar he had back in the day for the image

oh well peeps already boosted it too late lmao

me, to the fediverse, about uploading this song: "i'm not sure if i should... show you what i've found... is it gone for good... or is it coming back around?"


i like the way he says "can't manage" at 01:49

how did this only get 12 boosts but 50 fuckin votes on the poll somehow??????

i never understand how numbers work here on the fediverse lol

i always under-estimate how many peeps see my thingies

@vantablack boost/fave numbers are all wildly different across instances due to laggy parts of the software, some instances not federating with each other etc (because of all this, the Fediverse is likely bigger than it appears, like Dr Who's Tardis..)

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