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that's great
it starts with a hot take
instances defederate
vantablack is not afraid

⚠️ gender alert! ⚠️ 

these new glasses are VERY gendery

it's amazing

new glasses selfie!!!!! (cw: eye contact) 

i fuckin LOVE these new glasses omg

what a gendery week

new glasses and pigtails and shaving my legs and i'm sure there's more i'm forgetting

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new glasses selfie!!!!! (cw: eye contact) 

i fuckin LOVE these new glasses omg

:cannabis_leaf: 420 thoughts :cannabis_leaf: 

i'm really stoned so

the new glasses are TRIPPY AS FUCK lmao

mutual aid request :boost_ok: // short this month, please help! 

hey folks, im having trouble making ends meet this month - my bank balance is basically zero rn and shopping has become really expensive as of late with the cost of living crisis here in the UK. i live on benefits and have no regular income so ive been struggling

anything yall can provide, even just a quick boost, would be super appreciated. thank you very much :ms_loud_cry:​ :blobhaj_heart:​

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdFund

the eternal war

between my urge to dress in all black

and my urge to be incredibly colorful

winter weather, $$ mutual aid, Aka begpost 

Winter weather is coming and I have to get a winter comforter, a bunch of winter clothes and shit, and my budget barely includes rent and food.

Kind of skruggling :blobcatcomfnight: due to the huge mold issue earlier in the year where I had to throw most of my belongings, clothing, and bedding away.

If you have some extra income or can point me toward online paid studies, pls help out/ re-boost.

If I could raise a couple hundred, for warm bedding and warm winter jackets and clothes, that would be really great.



selfies after i get back and all shaved and made up lol

oh no i'm fucking panicking

i got on the wrong bus

the right one doesn't get here til an hour from now when my appointment is

i don't have the money for a lyft or anything like that

and none of the people i know are answering their fucking phones

idk wtf to do

i'll have to take the bus there again

which will be scary still

but less so now that i've done it once and know how it all goes

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.