If you're on Food Stamps or Medicaid: 

Okay, here's a tip for thriving on #LowIncome that I found out about a few months ago:

If you're on Food Stamps (also called EBT or SNAP), or Medicaid (a form of health insurance which can only be held by people who are seniors, disabled, low income, and/or unemployed), then you're eligible to sign up for a discount on Amazon Prime, so it's $5.99 a month, according to this: amazon.com/b?node=16256994011

Although this discounts your Amazon Prime service itself, you can’t use Food Stamps for the groceries you buy through Amazon: amazon.com/gp/help/customer/di

That said, having Amazon deliver to your door for free saves you transportation costs for going shopping.

TV service is one of the first bills most people cut when they become #LowIncome, but Prime includes a streaming on-demand TV service, so that's another perk. This makes Prime the *only* TV service I'm aware of that can be discounted if you have Food Stamps.

(Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Amazon, and I think their company is pretty evil and inhumane to its workers. Still, there's no ethical consumption under capitalism, and this can help you afford groceries, TV, and some other common needs, so that's good.)


Equality bill passes Senate and goes to house.

Everyone good in world: Good

Terfs: Keep men out of women's spaces!

Everyone good in world: Fuck off, they aren't men anymore.

Terfs: *yells about genitals*

Everyone good in world: Pervert!

abortion banning talk 

Georgia is passing a heartbeat law for 6 weeks. People are of course praising this. And I mentioned abortion is in the Bible to someone I thought was on afab people's side. Instead, he argued that "killing the fruit of the womb" isn't abortion. WTF is it then asshole? The faster I can remove myself completely from Twitter, the better.


I finally flat out said my gender on Facebook, seeing who is worth keeping on there when I lock it will come soon. I'd erase completely, but I like seeing pictures of my niece.

Talk of people using MH as an insult 

None of this, none, means I'm of low intelligence - period. I won't post this on Twitter because last time I brought any of this up, then accidentally pissed off a mob, they bombarded the thread.

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Talk of people using MH as an insult 

There os also the ADD/ADHD stigma because people use it to mean they are antsy. Even before I was diagnosed I couldn't sit still. My sister has it, and I my parents were told I had it when young (they didn't treat me because at the time it was not being done correctly). I over focus because I was taught to, but I recently needed meds because I can't even do that. This thread is my mind rambling atm.

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Talk of people using MH as an insult 

There is also the word triggered being used incorrectly. People telling others to kill themselves. Or just plain not understanding what anxiety or depression is "I'm nervous when in the store too and I'm fine (yeah, I AM nervous because AFAB, but that ain't it)""Just think happy thoughts (I'm not trying to fly Peter)."

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Talk of people using MH as an insult 

I have OCD tendencies, but not OCD. It's hereditary and causes me to semi-hoard "important" things. Though, I do throw them out later. I also have really anal things I HAVE to do with mixed candies and other assorted things...like Tums. And once washed my hands so much over time they bled. But it's just tendencies- not full blown OCD and though it's not usually an insult - you don't have it just because you wash your hands once after touching raw meat.

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Talk of people using MH as an insult 

Also, my dyslexia which is all over that spectrum doesn't mean I can't type with spellcheck. It just means I might move a word, misspell it so badly spellcheck doesn't know what I'm saying, or reverse or mistype numbers. Now, writing is different. I am slow. Filling out doctor paperwork takes double that of some one else...again, doesn't mean I'm dumb.

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Talk of people using MH as an insult 

I'm so tired of seeing people use autism as an insult for what they perceive as something dumb. I just want to shove their face in studies showing them people on the spectrum tend to be more intelligent and focused due to social akwardness or lack of understanding social cues. As I told my psych, I don't need a formal diagnosis because it don't matter. It's not like my depression and anxiety that cause me to physically get sick if stressed.

Here at Beach City we encourage you to write alt text for your images. If you can't, no problem, but if you can it will help people with limited or no vision. (Yes they are reading your toots.)

For advice on what to put in image descriptions, the Royal National Institute for Blind people has this to say about Twitter:

For more discussion:

Thanks for making mastodon a little friendlier!

CW mental health talk and physical pain 

I feel so depressed today. I have stuff to do and just - can't. I can't even enjoy my elder scrolls online much. I hate this.

I can't use my hands like I should, and it feels like they are getting worse among other things. I can't get my breast removed or reduced until the arms are done and I'm having dysphoria due to that too...

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