the people who are most excited about "decentralized" tech are the last folks I ever want to build technology for, and I'm not sure how to resolve this

anyway if you ever get a "just asking questions how do i do a *censorship resistance*" kinda message, please at least give a cursory look into what they're doing. tech is never neutral.

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@scanlime most cases people want decentralization for are things that affect them personally, which is generally not ever things that actually need it on a technical level like infrastructure

papering over societal issues with technology that enforces certain social structures is useful, but sometimes you end up with people who see enforcement of social structure as the solution to social problems and those are the people that i worry about

@jookia @scanlime Generally speaking, I've come to the conclusion that social issues require social solutions, and technical issues technical ones. Mismatching these leads inevitably to pain, tears, and bad secondary effects.


Ooh boy, yes. Seems like the only good cases are where the decentralized option came first--the internet itself, email, phone and SMS, etc

@luckierdodge bottom-up communities vs the most toxic parts of established sites flaking off the edges

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