this was my first commit to the project in several years and somone quickly commented "does this mean the project is dead?" :blobcat0_0:

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I will never understand the open source lore about what "alive" and "dead" projects are

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@scanlime how often code is comitted i think or issues are responded to

@jookia it seems like a popularity contest perhaps, but maybe also just an expression of anxiety at an unknown organizational structure? plenty of well-used code is also rarely changed.

@scanlime i don't know, but my experience is that 'mature' code is often buggy or not up to snuff

im still angry at cpio for not fixing a bug

@jookia buggy sure, but is it "dead"? is dead code we still use every day.. zombie code?

@scanlime its defined by how likely you are to continue providing free labor and accepting abuse

@scanlime im slightly annoyed by the fact that "deranged" doesnt start with an uppercase D

(cf. the original: (yes i know its ifunny, but also, ddg results were ALL ifunny fsr???))

@sys64738 oh well, inconsistent capitalization is kinda my thing

@scanlime thank you for this. I started following you because of using Fadecandy and got priced out of doing a lot of the tech art I liked as the modules and prices keep going up... it was disappointing to see the idea of education be subsumed into further capitalism just like always

@eredien "tech art" was always a fundamentally flawed idea; i am not sure how to articulate this in a structured way though, i want to make a video about it but i don't know who the audience would be.

@scanlime I feel like it was always just all "art" and "tech" was plopped in there to sell something

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