"crypto" "currency" 

every blockchain thing must have a technical document that immediately goes into lengthy detail about one small aspect, while neglecting to even include a broad discussion of the architecture, it's properties, and tradeoffs.

it's propaganda written for investors, of course

only effective against people who aren't expecting a real protocol RFC-style doc with structured explanations.

i can't decide whether it's just intentional chaff, or if it reflects the underlying process.

"crypto" "currency" 

most of these projects are the software architecture equivalent of an acid trip. focusing on weird little details, no sense of perspective, but it feels really neat to see all the swirling bits and pieces around you.

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@scanlime what are your thoughts about Bitcoin? i'm too much of a profane to understand the technical intricacies, but i used to lurk the P2P foundation in thebearly days because it was the place where people decieved by the lack of creativity in the domain of money and economics would go. A lot of Occupywallstreet activists basically. I therefore doubt bitcoin was created to appeal investors, my impression about the sad turn it's been taking lately, is that the added layer of abstraction on top of something so rarely undertood as money attracted the usual suspects who thrive on lack of knowledge. But then again, my understanding of the underlying tech forces me to rely on the people arround me who do understand it better... Either way, the domain of money and it's circulating is still lacking creativity. Maybe these acid trips could lead open up for something bigger, more inclusive for a wider braintrust...?

@setto a better future would be less reliance on money and capitalism, not more. cryptocurrencies are just digital turbocapitalism, an attempt by existing people with one kind of power to cement another kind of power. it's not egalitarian at all, it's just grey market beanie babies powered by burning fossil fuels.

@setto oh i think the locked setting got stuck on by default, didn't really mean to do that

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