will cryptocurrency eventually be understood as a religious ritual in which electricity and computer hardware are sacrificed to capitalism in the hopes of personal riches

@edo78 will you eliminate the proof or eliminate the work

@scanlime I don't like cryptocurrencies at all but I prefer the ones that use Proof of stake

@scanlime no, I just dislike the energy consumption for mining

@edo78 okay but proof-of-stake doesn't make the system energy-efficient at all. I'd suggest looking closer at the tech before suggesting that proof of stake is actually any kind of solution. part of the way the crypto grift works is that there's always a better system on the horizon that you can sweep objections under.

@scanlime as I said I'm not a fan of cryptocurrencies but I was sure that proof of stake should prevent the energy consumption. To me the solution is to avoid cryptocurrencies.

BTW I'm mainly against energy consumption

@scanlime @edo78 seems like a case of "if this crap is going to exist let's at least encourage them to pick the option that reduces the damage to the rest of us"

@scanlime it is literally like the medieval European alchemists who put in gold into mixtures in the hope of making more gold; but only ended up with a mixture of gold and toxic heavy metals (which although it was found to have other uses in the long term, ultimately didn't provide any short term riches)

The best part about fiat currency are the papal indulgences via centralBanking that are handed to bankers and their Jeffrey-Epstein-class of mates. We like how it pushes us asset prices and so sacrifices children into debt slavery for those crony capitalists. Who gain greay personal power and prestige (and pay for both ide to go to war with each other via a silentTax called inflation).

Love Fiat. Its Latin for 'Let It Be So'.


@dsfgs oh yeah because a digital thing controlled by like ten companies with warehouses full of asics is SOOO much better. get lost or eat a block.

Agree, that until very recently, it was a tad concentrated. China told a bunch of them to rack off and stop using their dirty power and allegedly they picked up and formed a diaspora of sorts.

So long story short, its already improving democratic power/pressure out of China, of all places!

Bitcoin heaters will be a thing. We think they just be part of our fabric. Layer 2 on the other hand is the real concern moving forward — hint, we don't like the surveillance in Lightning.

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