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peertube video hosting available 

Friendly reminder that i run a PeerTube site at and it's open for registration if you like the community there :D Things that make Diode Zone cool imo:
• specifically for stuff you worked on, not reposted public domain stuff
• an emphasis on friendly tech and creative content
• fast server with lots of storage
• latest peertube features

It's worth remembering that users don't care what version of Webpack or Rollup you're using. They just care if the app works and it's fast. Devs love to sprint to embrace some new tool that's supposedly going to make their own life easier (TypeScript, hot reloading, linters, faster build times, whatever). This kind of stuff has approximately zero impact on the user experience, though. And arguments that dev experience trickles down to user experience are largely wrong.

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If you are a Facebook user in Illinois, you might be eligible for $200 to $400 of damages to compensate you for Facebook's violation of your biometric privacy. Check out:

what if we kissed

in accordance with unitary transformations operating on the hilbert space of quantum states

(and we were both relatively localized bundles of quanta)

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Voter registration deadlines as of today (10/8):

Note that Arizona was pushed back to 10/23 recently, though this is being appealed and may not stand.

that thread about DARVO 

I said earlier that I'd talk about this, so.

It's important to know what DARVO is and how it's used as a tool to bully people into silence/complicity in bad behavior.

DARVO is an acronym. It stands for:

Reverse Victim and Offender.

It is a technique that is used by abusive people to cover up their abuse.

It is incredibly common. Knowing how to spot it is key.

plurality shitpost 

broke: "discussed with my headmates"
woke: "the council has convened"

It's international lesbian day, apparently. Let's go lesbians!

Today is the last day to register to vote in Missouri! Here is how to double check your registration status:

And register if you haven't already:

Are you registered to vote? Have you double-checked you weren't removed, or have an old address? Registration has closed in over a dozen states, and ends in Missouri TODAY. #VoterRegistration #VOTE

Bad game idea of the day:

Prometheus is trying to steal fire from the gods. The gods have hired you – a human expert – to improve their security systems. But if you tell them to change any of their current awful security practices, they will be angry and possibly smite you. Primary game mechanics are about how to influence their behavior without setting off their legendary capricious tempers.

From this it follows that the duty of Marxist-Leninists is to defend and protect anarchists and anarchist thought as the seeds of the utopia they are preparing.

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Once the vanguard seizes power and becomes the dictatorship of the proletariat they will naturally act to preserve their own power, preventing the withering away of the state necessary for higher-stage communism. The duty of anarchists, since their end goal is the same higher-stage communism, is therefore to form a new vanguard with goal of ending the dictatorship of the proletariat.

ecology professor update: one of her parrots mimics the sound of the phone ringing. when she goes to pick up the phone, her parrot says "ha ha, it's the bird"

Blunt responses to transphobia 

My old college has become embroiled in The Great Washroom Debate, and released some helpful signage to assist people who may find themselves confused in this trying time.

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.