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we need a lowercase exclamation point

overwhelmed by humanity, mostly holding together my own little world

I'd classify being visibly gay in public as an extreme sport

Some of you did not watch Mr. Rogers growing up and it shows.

For those of you who did not here is a message I hope you take to heart:
You can be liked and loved, just as you are.

imagine being so insecure about your privilege and the way you've fucked shit up for your grandkids, that you start telling your mostly-millennial writing staff to make articles about how "Ok Boomer" is a slur. lmao.

list of atoms in the observable universe
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this is a test of the continuous beeping system 

Abolish "at-will" employment. It is one of the parasite class's most insidious weapons against the proletariat. If you are employed, you should have the right to demand a valid reason for termination, REGARDLESS OF HOW LONG YOU WORKED THERE. I wish more people talked about how badly this is abused in late stage capitalism.

We need to own the fact that none of these identities actually means anything more than "I am like you in some meaningful way and you are like me."

That's it.

That shared experience can be extremely nuanced and varied, especially among people who are intersectionally marginalized. What happens when people start setting down 'rules' is that the most privileged people in the community get to reduce the experience down to their own and then measure everyone up to that yardstick.

It's violent.

Fucked up that we only seem interested in increasing the power of the powerful, at every possible level

please do not do the thing where i ask you not to do something and you do it as a joke

i'm sure it feels funny from your end but jokingly breaking boundaries is still breaking boundaries

this is just general good practice as well

Here's an idea: what if we took all the kids who liked reading and told them they were better than everyone else and destined for greatness? No I don't think we should worry about the fact that we somehow only picked rich white kids and that we might give them complexes. This is a good thing.

My experience was most gifted kid classes were for rich white kids the public school districts didn't want to lose to private schools. No one ever brings this up in this discourse and it drives me up the wall

hot take, 'identity' as the principle way of thinking about trans & non-binary people is a liberal trap, a desperate recapitulation of the trans & nonbinary threat to the 'innate' categoric mandate of gender.

ANY intellectually-honest account of gender must acknowledge that it is constantly being forced to grab gender by a different hand-hold, that gender shakes off its analyst like a bull shakes off its rider. if you start by talking about reproductive capacity, gestation & insemination, you are forced by infertility and intersexing and castration and celibacy and non-reproductive sexuality to begin talking instead about clothes, or division of labor, or burial rites. every 'defining' aspect of gender explodes upon too-careful observation.

I refuse to demonstrate that my womanhood is 'no threat' to the integrity of womanhood as a category by appealing to a secret truth. I am a woman Because the category of womanhood lacks integrity. you cannot threaten what never lived & cannot die.

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.