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peertube video hosting available 

Friendly reminder that i run a PeerTube site at and it's open for registration if you like the community there :D Things that make Diode Zone cool imo:
β€’ specifically for stuff you worked on, not reposted public domain stuff
β€’ an emphasis on friendly tech and creative content
β€’ fast server with lots of storage
β€’ latest peertube features

Rant about piracy 

@frostotron uh huh, people on this website are so eager to defend the pirates because ~anticapitalism~ but they don't understand that 99% of what the video game pirates are doing is just stolen credit and toxic masculinity

@xenon @vantablack seriously if you ever reverse engineer something you have to keep the video game pirates away with all your effort or the community fills up with folks who don't give a shit about anything except copying games and they will sabotage everything else you build. it sucks a lot and i don't need you deflecting blame from them to nintendo when ruining homebrew was such a team effort.

your pirated nintendo games suck because both nintendo and the pirates screwed over the researchers who reverse engineered those platforms for fun

one of the worst things with ADHD and depression is that sometimes you CAN get things done, you just can't get the ball roiling to start doing it in the first place. like I just washed hella dishes and cups I've had sitting there for a few days because I couldn't focus enough to clean them for 20 minutes. and then when I forced myself as hard as I could, I was able to do it so fucking easy once I got the ball rolling.

and it's just frustrating as fuck, to know that like you CAN do these things, but there's this mental drain or block on the ability and willpower to go and do them that makes you feel so fucking stupid when you go and finish the task

mundane, gross 

discovering new life forms while cleaning my dishwasher

"reality" "television" 

i've been paying attention to the editing in Kitchen Nightmares, and it's just really amazing how many dialogue edits they try to do stealthily. I'm wondering if everyone notices these or if I'm just focusing because of all the video editing lately. Sometimes they cut together sentences just a couple words at a time.

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"But Sierra, how DO you trick AI training algorithms and sabotage surveillance capitalism?"

It's easy! all you need is a pen and paper

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"reality" "television" 

hi im gordon ramsay, i hate vegetarian food but i love talking about testicles

biggest available nope to accounts who still think free software purity is a worthwhile human goal rather than a convenient ideological distraction

why pronounce "tty" as "tee tee why" when you can pronounce it "titty"

Cutting onions: 2min
Making the chili sauce: 10 min
Salting the cabbage: 25min

Taking pictures of everything with my DSLR: 3 hours

Someone who's good at the cooking help me balance this, my kimchi is dying

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