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peertube video hosting available 

Friendly reminder that i run a PeerTube site at and it's open for registration if you like the community there :D Things that make Diode Zone cool imo:
• specifically for stuff you worked on, not reposted public domain stuff
• an emphasis on friendly tech and creative content
• fast server with lots of storage
• latest peertube features

our ideas of what bicycles looked like when they roamed the earth are based on an outdated understanding of their skeletons… when they were alive they were probably mostly feathers and meat

The great rot at the heart of American society is our belief that, at the end of the day, we owe nothing to one another.

#mushstodon Ceratiomyxa slime mold, Megacollybia rodmanii, Laccaria amethystina ("Amethyst deceiver")

#mushstodon Suillus (quite off season) Lacrymaria lacrymabunda ("Weeping widow") some kinda coral fungus, some kinda slime mold

the hottest video game take i have is that the Game Boy Color is not a real Game Boy

Apologies for the 600+ users still on #weechat @ freenode, the channel has been "stolen" by the new hostile admins, after 18 years of presence. "Thank you for using freenode" they say…
You are welcome as soon as possible on!

tons of people who were raised in this car centric suburban hellscape simply cannot comprehend that there exists a middle ground between what they've experienced all their life and high-density city living. they think that moving into a city automatically implies dealing with apartment hell.

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Freenode had a policy change yesterday that channels can't close. A bot is enforcing the policy (and changing ownership!) in channels containing "" in the topic.

In light of this, ##yamahasynths is now on Libera only; Freenode channel is now inaccessible.

If you were in the room and got kicked/can't access it anymore, this is why (CLEAR USERS). The room wasn't closed; the mode was set to "+I 1" and someone is camping in it to prevent takeover.

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estradiol HRT poll 

I'm curious: How do you take your E?

Prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation is still soooo good. Even the album inlay is still passed around today as an ACAB meme

was sharing cat pics a while back and i accidentally made a political compass

WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

cryptobros: why trust banks when you could instead trust a network of organized crime destroying the environment

Why did I paint this, what's going on in Burma? 

For over 100 days, Burma has been burning. Over 800 have been killed and thousands displaced. After decades of military rule, Burma had a semblance of a democracy for about six years before this January, when another military coup began. I have extremely worried for my mother who has spent years despite travel warnings to work in the same orphanages and rural communities that she grew up with. This painting is for her. It is for my first language. For my favorite food to eat. Putting up this symbol means we will not be able to return to our home country and would warrant our arrest if we tried. My family members have been arrested in the past. Please pray for my people. The international community has always ignored Burma and the humanitarian crimes of the military but we truly need your help more than ever now if our people are to be free.

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