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oh right, peertube has playlist support now, i can finally put all my video blogs in order there.

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peertube video hosting available 

Friendly reminder that i run a PeerTube site at and it's open for registration if you like the community there :D Things that make Diode Zone cool imo:
• specifically for stuff you worked on, not reposted public domain stuff
• an emphasis on friendly tech and creative content
• fast server with lots of storage
• latest peertube features

getting ready to move over to a little single-user mastodon instance, @scanlime

"AI" is just a framework for quickly and legally stripping context from massive amounts of information, so it's frustrating when people use obvious contextless lies paired with pictures of my cat to joke about AI in ways that only reinforce the useless mythologies around it.

pretty embarrassing to be a coder in san francisco really

@tyl this is my favorite rejoinder flag (though I wish it didn't use quite so many colors, absolutely love the pose though)

ac power conditioner is like putting a Brita filter on a sewage line

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yay replacement paint arrived and was packed correctly. the last one was just a squishy cardboard box of soaked goo

I'm also cranky that he tried to sell me a power conditioner, which the electrical engineer in me sees zero reason to ever use

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aaaaaa i did not want or expect a voice telephone call from the place i ordered from online

The war on terror was a brilliant move by the military industrial complex because having no concrete goals or ethos at all means you can't be attacked for not achieving any goals

Learned the zoning/activism term "BANANA" yesterday. It joins NIMBY and YIMBY. it stands for "build absolutely nowhere anywhere near anything". For example, when people claim that the solar farm can't be built at the proposed site because it's only five miles away from the old blant's farm? That's a BANANA.

If you're concerned about the right wing claiming things like "fren" and pepe and shit you can't just ignore it and pretend they're not and claim that that's taking a stand.

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play preventable games, win preventable prizes

if the orange website likes your thing it is a bad thing 🤔

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