@MxZenith That looks like you're trapped in a flood! Or is it just that I've been living in California too long and I forgot how rain looks like?

@craigtimpany @ifixcoinops All this is why the "multiple languages for text" thing has taken years!

@craigtimpany @ifixcoinops
No idea! 😂
But changes to the decoders are really difficult to do. Some devices implement them in hardware . When it's just software you often can't update existing systems, only new ones to be sold in the future. Testing all variations is hard.
And you still need integration with the rest of the system: An UI, and a way to save your answer, and a way to tell the decoder to turn the modification on for a particular video, and ...

So ... I happen to work there. I can't speak at all to whether someone has even suggested this feature, but we *have* been working for years in something related: Changing onscreen text for different languages (like when you see people texting on their phones)
It's actually not easy at all. But ... we have done at least some of the ground work! Obviously no promises, but I'll do my best to get this idea in front of people who might make it happen.

I'm a bi trans girl from the SF Bay area, work in a large tech company. I was born in Mexico, learned English in LA and Texas, loved my time in Oregon, and did not love winters in Germany.

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