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world's biggest list of gender neutral names, in progress; help appreciated (cut for length) (+) 

On the Nonbinary Wiki, the lists of gender neutral names are still in progress, but they're already huge, and already bigger than any other list of them that you can find in any book or site.

Even just the list of neutral names starting with the letter A is complete with more than 300 such names:

The lists of names starting with A, B, C, D, H, Q, U, W, X, & Z are all filled out with definitions and sources. The other ones just have lists of names, and still need to be filled out with the definitions and sources. That's easy, but tedious, because there are hundreds of names. If you want to help, all you have to do is Google some names to find a baby name site that shows that it is indeed a neutral name. Then write the name's definition and source into the wiki article, following the same format as the other entries. Make sure it matches, so it looks nice, and that you fact-check it, since some baby name sites include dubious info.

#Nonbinary @NonbinaryWiki

dysphoria, is it denial or is it just one of those weird enby experiences 

Has it all been an attempt to think my way out of it? Have I been, at the heart of all the nuance, a man the whole time? I hope desperately that I haven’t lost something in my rejection of gender as a system that really applies to me. As I go through these motions to live what I thought was just a different lie, it doesn’t feel much like lying.

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dysphoria, is it denial or is it just one of those weird enby experiences 

My first impulse as a child upon learning that I could transition was to internally declare myself a trans boy. Later after reading and thinking more it got changed to nonbinary and agender, which felt more accessible and aligned with my opinions on the subject of gender. I still feel the same way about gender and would rather not have one. But I’m still here, navigating this gendered culture, making gendered choices

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dysphoria, is it denial or is it just one of those weird enby experiences 

Me: *swoons at being referred to with masculine terms, desires to be seen as a guy by cis people, undergoing masculinizing hormone therapy*
Me: *feels camaraderie with trans men and trans masc people, especially desires to be seen as a MLM by other MLM*
Me out loud: No, I’m totally genderless. No genders here. also don’t like to call myself a man

gender stuff, religion, jokes 

similar quizzes exist for religion and the most annoying fans jump down people’s throats for picking genders that don’t appear in their religion’s doctrine

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gender stuff, jokes 

I like the think the aliens watching our planet probably have a fandom-like community of earth lovers who take stupid pop quizzes online to figure out which gender alignment they’d have if they were humans

wanted to redesign Inru some 

I wanted to tweak Inru’s design to make their main chassis look a little more like an adult. Made them a little taller and gave them a functional mouth so they can scrap the other one, which was cute but muddled the essence with too many extra details. Made their head a little more angular and removed the tail tuft to replace it with a longer and more functionally limb-like tail

really rough nsfw sketch, size difference 

fox and pup !

I’m back from a camping trip that had me without service for a few days. It was a good one, we had a lot of fun and saw some cool animals. The place was absolutely crawling armadillos, who were really adorable. Lots of little things went wrong though and we left a day early because it was starting to feel like a Calvin and Hobbes-style exercise of building character u_u;

pokéthoughts, food 

a status condition called Nausea which has the same effect as poisoning but it also prevents the afflicted pokemon from eating anything, including Leftovers, berries, or healing items


*at the company happy hour* Oh God Kimberly has the Look again and I’m Sweatin

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If anyone has ever given me “fuck eyes” it’s my manager’s wife. Both she and my manager are very sweet, warm, very MARRIED people but this woman clearly has intense feelings about me and I have no idea what to do about it

gender stuff 

How do I weigh masculinity in my identity, when explaining it to a cis person? Is there a wrong answer that will make them treat me some way I don’t expect? It’s a horrible puzzle. There aren’t any terms of measurement. It has quantum significance. To other nonbinary people it isn’t even really a question. ??

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gender stuff 

I get nervous when people ask me to explain what being nonbinary is to me. It is not at all a bad question or anything but sometimes someone asks it who just doesn’t know what they’re getting into! Like how far do I go? Some need more than “I’m just genderless.” Do I mention that gender as a concept is a bit repulsive to me because its constraints have caused me so much personal harm? Do I try to explain why aesthetic masculinity is a coping mechanism for that?

art of my sona by ricebatt 

Honestly this is one of the sickest pieces of Pel in existence

sad gender feels 

also at skate I watched as, again, another really cute gay guy recognized my partner as a MLM and flirted with him to get his songs played (good songs that Cody was already going to play.) I love watching Cody have fun. I love watching how MLM act with each other. love watching twinks flirt. i hope I get clocked that way some day.

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complaining i guess 

last night at skate I wasted a bunch of time trying to humor and be friendly to a guy who turned out to be a real creep. like I let him talk to me about his motorcycle for a pretty long time and then he turns around and says some shit about how he hates what the DJ is playing so much that he wishes he could bring his katakana in, kill him, and replace him. dude didn't know DJ is my partner. He then tried to blame T and claim I could look forward to saying similarly weird shit


Honestly I think raboot is one of the best Pokémon designs in a couple of generations. Raboot’s holding up the whole region for me. I am gonna be kind of heartbroken when he evolves

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