If you're a trans person, and you are worried that your body type isn't right or that you don't look like the cis people of your gender, remember:
We have all been lied to about what humans look like. We've all had the diversity of our species contorted and hidden away from us. We are all, cis and trans alike, forced to reconcile our own appearances with these lies. There are cis people who look just like you, who have the same insecurities about their appearances that you do, I promise.

The idea that women look inherently different from men is violence. Women have narrow, sometimes inverted hips. Women have luxuriously hairy chests. Women have heavy brows. Women have big tummies with no curve. Women have beards, mustaches, unibrows. CIS WOMEN ESPECIALLY HAVE ALL OF THESE FEATURES.

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@pexl fuck gender i just wanna be a fluffy critter

@Galuade i agree and i have successfully divorced my self worth from capitalism's standards of physical appearance related to gender but the fact that those standards still Exist makes me an Anger

@pexl as a trans masc person w/PCOS, I’ve noticed cis women with PCOS have a *lot* of similar dysphoria that trans people would have bc they don’t feel like they meet up to the right “ideal” of being a woman.

before I realized that I was trans I tried to mask this stuff in my own body to fit in!!

@catgoat I'm also a trans masc person with PCOS! Hi!

it's so funky, the flip-flopping I've done around my own perception of my body. before I realized I was trans, I was also deeply insecure about about my more androgynous features. personal rejection of the gender binary was part of the process of coping with this for me :3

@pexl there are dozens of us!! Dozens!!

And yeah? Gosh, I was always really insecure about having testosterone driven characteristics, especially basically growing a beard haha... So, I feel you on rejecting the binary as part of that coping/self acceptance. Like, I am physically in between those two extremes, and it’s just how I am! Screw the binary.

@pexl Yeah, and in art they tell you that guys are all cubic and women are all curves which is just... no not if you get on a crowded bus or something and start looking around.

@xenophora Yes, and it’s so hard to get people to see that these preconceptions are flawed. Imagine how much more interesting our character designs would be if we were freed from this constraint

@pexl this is so true, the amount of people who correctly gender me w/o even realising it is probably higher than most people think. Esp when I don't really put energy into passing.

@pexl Trans women look like women because they are women and they look like themselves. Trans men look like men because they are men and they look like themselves. Enbies look like enbies because they are enbies and they look like themselves.

It's kind of tautological but it's important to realize.

@pexl i noticed that my co-worker has a very similar gut to mine and like, i don't really worry about getting that "flat tummy" goal. there's a reason why those "this single mom's secret trick to getting a flat tummy" ads are everywhere - the image of women we're told is a lie

@pexl One of the most useful sessions at my last statewide transgender support conference (EV's TIES) was a trans-fem surgery show and tell. The centerpiece of the show was volunteers getting naked and showing off their results. But the lead-up was a slide show featuring several pictures of breasts and vaginas and whatnot, mixed cis and trans, with the audience playing spot-the-trans-ones.

We couldn't.

And that is gonna help me be comfortable with whatever I end up with.

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