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I’m Pel, and I’m a trans, genderless, soft-hearted geek in Texas. I’m bisexual, VERYromantic, 24, and polyamorous. I represent myself online as a fluffy white ferret.

I write UI code for a living. I love to draw cartoon animals and to discuss furries and fandom in a meta way. I own ~30 tamagotchis. I am passionate about robots and virtual pets of many kinds, including neopets and pokemon!

Talks about relationships, lewd, mental health, gender, weed, and alcohol.

micro stuff? but very benign 

micro stuff? but very benign 


I just need to remind that I am soft and silly




I’ve been contacted by someone on furaffinity to allow my character to participate in a porn comic project. I think this is a weird request. I’m going to get into the details below and I’d like y’all to weigh in and tell me if this kind of thing is common or unheard of. cw for, well, that, on all of the below toots.

After this round of commissions is done I really want to experiment with selling adopts and YCHs... I hope my character design game is still strong

Gmorning All o’ Y’all, I have been slacking for the past couple of days and I have 6 commissions to complete this weekend when I was planning on only having four. x w x

i know this is a long shot, but... anyone know anything about fantasy football? = w = ; I'm participating in my first draft ever tonight, I do not even full understand how a game of football works, I only *kind of* understand how the draft works at all... any advice at all would be helpful. or even like. please give me your draft picks. Who Are All These People

work stuff 

I store two unrelated websites in the same location in my memory because they both have green logos and layouts. it's like a quantum tossup which one I will type into the address bar when I need to get at one

A drawing of my very first fursona, from around age 10. A very purple raccoon named Rikki. (eye contact)

- - - birdsite, anti trans masc stuff 

Just raving to my partner, who does not use Mastodon and is not interested in it, about how much I love it

Oh, gods... so the matte screen cover for the iPad came. And it’s. Everything. I thought I might just need to get used to it, but after putting on the cover, suddenly it is not at all straining or awkward to use and I feel as if I could doodle forever. It doesn’t feel quite like paper as advertised but it does the job perfectly. Expect more frequent personal art from me... my OCs are going to benefit from this greatly..

i like boosts and likes but COMMENTS!! I REALLY LIKE COMMENTS!! PLS @ ME

Another Pel doodle 

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Beach City

Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.