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Be generous about reporting posts here at Beach City! Include as much information as you can. Feel free to even report posts that are talking about issues and aren't the problem themselves.

Reporting is just a formal way of sending your admins a link to a post, but it lets us review and discuss that post, as well as keeps a record of the post for the future to check out.

Just a local reminder that Beach City has both a telegram group and Discord group. Both are useful if you want/need to contact one of the admins about any problems beach city might be experiencing!

:scp: 🚨hey yall! the SCP Wiki is planning on moving their twitter account to somewhere else online

so far they are considering making an SCP Wiki mastodon account/instance

they need help with:
-infrastructure (setting up an instance)
-finances (methods of fundraising)

*if they were to have an account, and not an instance, what instance could they move to?

#mastoadmin #mastodev #SCPF #SCPFoundation

links and input are greatly appreciated! :boost_ok:

Tips for newbies: DON’T police CWs 

What if you dislike how someone uses/doesn’t use CWs?

- Mind your business (esp. if they don’t share your privilege).

- Unfollow. No need to inform them.

- If you want to follow but need a break, or they get boosted a lot by your follows, mute.

- If they seem toxic, block.

- Other cases: create filters w/multiple keywords as a just-for-you content warning you can expand when you choose.

- If you hate CWs, you can set your preferences to always expand them!


Ahhhh. The wonderful smell of bread baking in the house.

So for a couple of months I've been looking for a mastodon app that can do what the web ui lets you do: hide all boosts in your timeline.

Today I learned that you can go into a user's profile page in any app and set "hide boosts." From then on you'll only see their actual toots, not toots they boosted from others.

I don't want to discourage people from boosting. I just prefer fewer boosts in my timeline!

Navigating being a DM in a D&D game is stressful. You want to give your players a range of experiences. Not just successes all the time. But you don't want to push them so hard they break. It's a lot like BDSM in that way. But it's challenging and scary. I'm always worried "Oh no, is this too many monsters?"


Make no mistake... twitter is dead. But I think the zombie husk of its former self will lurch on for some time.

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Assuming all his monetization schemes fail, and/or the platform gets kicked off of apple/google app stores... eventually Musk will be forced to declare bankruptcy for the company. At which point it will go into the hands of banks.
Not sure what they would do with it, but it would probably become very bland and highly managed.

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I don't think twitter is going down in the short term. Here's what I think is going to happen:

There's going to be a number of outages and other issues in the near future. Tech issues. Things will break and be repaired relatively slowly.

Over time, the remaining engineers will get a handle on what's there and will have cut features enough to create something they can maintain again.

But it's not going to be making money. Entirely bankrolled by Musk.

I learn by doing, so my best way to learn how to program something is to just... stumble through it.

I also figure things out by doing. I don't really visualize things very well, so designing things ahead of time is challenging for me. I prefer to just barrel ahead and refactor as I go.

IMO, and are two of the best run mastodon servers I've seen out there. I deeply respect their admins and the professionalism with which they approach their instances.

My bread recipe has strangely turned from fairly dry to fairly wet recently, despite not changing ingredients. I wonder if its because I'm not thoroughly hydrating the flour with the mixer attachment, and instead jumping straight to the dough hook. Or maybe the change in weather to below freezing? Not sure.

Recipe attached

I really wish people wouldn’t go around policing the cultures of other instances. One of the strengths of federation is the ability to have a wide variety of cultures here. If a culture is too variant from another, they can defederate if they feel the need.

I love some of the cultural choices some instances opt into, like ours and others nearby us. But that doesn’t make our culture the one true culture to crush all others.

My boss, Matt Mullenweg, the boss of Automattic, owner of Tumblr, is looking for ex-Twitter employees for Tumblr, saying,

"we're putting on a fast track to see how they can help super-charge Tumblr. We can't absorb thousands of people, but I'd be open to hiring entire teams if they already work great together."

He's photomatt on Twitter, or look here too:

Boost for visibility, please? Spread the word!

#Twitter #JobFairy #Automattic #Tumblr

I dunno how Twitter brain has convinced people that taking things from their original context, without proper attribution, and reposting them in full elsewhere is not only acceptable, but good?

Basic consent is how all human relationships function. The internet doesn't change that. The fediverse doesn't change that.

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