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Why EMTs might ask your name or "what happened?" over and over 

It's not because they're bad at taking notes or doubt your story or whatever, it's because they're assessing your neurological function.

People are generally aware of their context. When brain function degrades or is disrupted, people lose that awareness in a way that's extremely consistent depending on severity. The first thing to go is immediate history, then rough time of day, then where you are, and finally who you are.

This is measured and recorded as whether a patient is alert and oriented to their person, place, time, and events -- A+O x0 to A+O x4.

So a provider will ask:
"Can you tell me your name?"
"Where are we right now?"
"About what time of day is it?", and
"Can you tell me what happened?"

possibly many different times.

I keep finding that video games made from a mainstream cis male perspective often don't work for me, but games that incorporate queer narratives, non-male perspectives, or neurodivergence/mental health issues somehow.


I'm kinda... IDK. "over labels?" If that makes sense?


I'm just kinda tired of trying to figure out if I'm this, that or the other thing, constantly looking at the boundaries between different buckets to figure out which one I fit into. And having to also track what other people would accept of me or not.

I'm just queer. I'm a me. :)


I've made pizza dough!!!! Tomorrow, I make pizza! It's gonna be awesome.

entertainment competition 

It's really interesting to see that Microsoft is changing their pricing system for games to try to compete with the likes of Netflix for eyeball time...

deltarune theory crafting and spoilers 

That would explain why Kris can only act independently of the player/Chara when they are free of their soul.

Ah! I can’t wait for the story to continue!

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deltarune theory crafting and spoilers 

If Kris is a human that somehow made it to the surface from the underworld… maybe they *want* to destroy the monster world…. Maybe the soul inside them is actually “Chara” who, in this world, *doesnt* necessarily want to cause death and destruction…

Again, an inversion of what’s going on in Undertale.

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deltarune theory crafting and spoilers 

Thinking about Delta Rune and how it relates to Undertale. I keep thinking there's some sort of inversion of Undertale going on here.

My current theory is that this is an alternate reality where the monsters won the war against the humans and took their place on the surface. The humans, meanwhile, are trapped underground the same way the monsters were in Undertale.

Except for Kris, of course.

Thinking about how the whole idea of “alpha male” wolves is a myth, based off behaviour only exhibited in captivity. Also thinking about how capitalism & colonialism are effectively systems of captors and captives.

When not in captivity, violent struggles between wolves for dominance are rare or non existent. Meanwhile, the majority of people live in some kind of captivity. How does this change our behaviour? What would we be like if the majority were instead free?

Game console review 

The pricing schemes are also amazing. The "All Access" thing gets you a console and 2 years of game pass for $25/month for the S, $35/month for the X. That's competitive with something like Netflix as a way to get access to a form of entertainment.

But yeah. I'm loving this thing a lot.

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Game console review 

So what do I love about this Xbox? Speed and convenience.

Games load super fast, even faster if they've got "quick resume" going.

Xbox game pass is $10/month for tons of fantastic games for no extra charge.

Game saves transfer easily from machine to machine, so if you log into a different machine, it just... has your saves ready to go.

Come this December, they'll support cloud gaming, which means even faster loading of games, since they won't even need to be downloaded.

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Game console review 

I've recently picked up an Xbox Series X and an Xbox Series S. VERY cool machines.

Here's some thoughts of mine on them.

First of all, the X vs. S... Frankly, the S is absolutely fantastic enough for all of the gaming that I care about. The X is really neat when using it on my giant home theater screen, but frankly it doesn't really provide much better than the X unless you really care about extreme graphic fidelity.

communism and capitalism 

The capitalistic one, with its basis on limited resources, was replete with people stealing and fighting to maintain their power structures. Constantly fighting one another to stay on top with enough to survive and function.

It's implied, though not discussed, that the capitalistic society artifically creates the state of limited resources.

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communism and capitalism 

Read Greg Egan's latest book. It portrayed two different societies, one communistic and one capitalistic.

The communistic society shared generously, without concern about concepts of ownership or trade. People just do for others as they are able and desire to do. Communities work together to decide what needs doing, and people step up and do it.

It proposes the notion that this society only exists, in part, due to an overabundance of resources.

Can I just vanish into a genderless pile of goo? Thank you.

video game opinion 

So like... I don't think the Dark Souls games are actualy very good.

Like, they're bad game design that punishes the player. I do like the challenge they create, but I think that challenge is better handled in some other games, like Jedi: Fallen Order.

In Fallen Order, you're given opportunities to learn how to do things, and can turn the difficulty down if somethign is too challenging. It's a lot more friendly to the player.

i love challenge, but Dark Soul just isnt' 4 me

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