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Outer Wilds 

All of the Hearthians in Outer Wilds are canon nonbinary and use they/them pronouns, but almost every site that refers to them uses "he/him" pronouns for them.



I grew up with a version of christianity that did not involve "Prayer Warriors" or any other magical whatever... and now it seems that's the more dominant version.

So very strange.

After a long period of being a PC gamer, I just picked up an xbox and am rejoining this console world. Game Pass is just too good a deal to pass up!

Money laundering is when you find a bit of change in your clean clothes.


Just got my first mammogram. Ugh, that kinda sucked. Had to stand up in really uncomfortable positions while a technician shoved my boobs into a machine to clamp them so they could be scanned.

Emotionally fine. Just physically ugh!

bad parenting 

She's a self-exiled Peruvian aristocrat. Growing up she had maids, an uncle who was a billionaire, etc. She left in her 20s to become a schoolteacher.

Maybe she brought some of that culture with her after all? IDK.

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bad parenting 

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Who the fuck "locks up disruptive children?!"

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bad parenting 

My mother in law was visiting for the past week. It was mostly fine, but she got really upset during it.

We threw a small party for her birthday, and some guests brought flowers as a gift. We saw they were Lilies and needed to verify it was okay for the cats to be around.

She got really upset, saying that our analysis of the flowers and ensuring the cats safety was ruining her birthday.

She said we should just "lock the cats up the way we would lock up disruptive children" 😱😱😱

Puritanical gays 

Maybe stop trying to divide the world neatly into binary categories?

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disaster stuff 

Two world disasters (Hurricane Ida and the Caldor Fire) and my housemate's sister catching COVID from her covid-denying friend... Feeling sad at the world today

Puritanical gays 

Puritanical LGBT people who are always crying out "think of the children" in response to someone else's queerness/sexuality/gender are terrifying to me. Why have they become our own enemies?

covid deniers 

Just found out that the soolantra I was prescribed for my rosacea is the brand name of that right wing miracle drug ivermectin!

Too bad I threw it out. I bet I could sell it to right wing idiots for a pretty penny.

Too bad I have I have scruples as well. :P

Ordered a new drive for our virtual pinball machine... It just had to ship to us here in Ann Arbor, Michigan from Columbus, Ohio.


It's currently in Guam.

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