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I feel like my life has been nothing but focused on moving for the past year+. That's probably *in part* due to the fact that the pandemic kinda stripped out so many other parts of life. But gosh. It's just been so much!

Why not take a moment right now to remember Juicero?

… ow. After dragging multiple 100 or 300 pound things up and down our basement stairs over the past few days, my legs are in a lot of pain.

The box we got the shade and lamp in had plenty of packing bubble stuff in there. It was just thrown in haphazardly like some sort of magic talisman against damage instead of being thoughtfully considered.

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I keep trying to buy a lamp shade from Lowe's. The first one in store I wanted was busted, so I ordered one. I liked it so much I ordered a second one. The second one came busted, so we went into the store to take it back and get another. THAT one was also busted. Trying to order it again. 🤷

It really feels like a 2 year long project is finally reaching its end here. We actually started talking about moving out of the Bay area in the summer of 2019. @coda actually flew out to Michigan to look at houses just before the pandemic started in 2020. It's finally ending!

Only sad thing is that my cat is really really missing us. She was really scared last night because of the thunder and lightning, and I wasn't around to comfort her. :(

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Just finished a week of moving related work! I took the week off to work on my house, now that we finally have the keys. Spent the week bringing our arcade games over, installing our home theater projector, installing bathroom fixtures like towel bars, and more. I'm bruised up like whoah and exhausted as hell, but this is actually starting to look like a real house! I'm even working from here today!


Our home theater has had everything temporarily setup to check positioning and sizes and stuff, and it looks great!

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Updates on moving! We have begun the busy busy task of prepping our home to move into in 2 weeks!

First, of course, is the arcade!


Ugh. I’ve gained so many pounds over the pandemic. :(. I’m up to 340 now. 😩

blue MAGA rides again, racism, rape mention 

So all in the same roughly 36 hour period, VP Harris went to Guatemala and told people not to come to the US, the SCOTUS ruled unanimously against immigrants seeking green cards, and Biden's DOJ will continue its prosecution against Trump's rape accuser. Oh and also, the DHS used prop wash from a helicopter to chase away Water Protectors protesting a fossil fuel line.

Half joking 

If people want to go back to the roots of pride, then we should definitely be allowing cops... so we can throw bricks at them.

gender meme from twitter 

I broke that gender meme that's going around.

I'm agender and pansexual, but I tell people I'm non-binary and bisexual mostly because I like the flags better. :D


I don't understand how weapons like guns can be in any way a form of "defense." They're purely offensive weapons. Their only defensive capability is loudly advertising mutually assured destruction...

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