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I love how my sleep app keeps telling me about my increasing sleep debt. At this point, I need to sleep 14 hours to make it all up or something. Somehow I doubt that.


Thought I'd enjoy a bit of micro reading and have been reading through the Borrowers series my Mary Norton.

It's shocking how culturally different those books are. Racist portrayals and descriptions of Roma people. Casual mention that a character wearing a white hat looked like a member of the ku klux klan.

It can be very jarring.

Switching over to reading the latest Bobiverse book before I go back to it.


Watching an org where a white trans woman talks very loudly about her values and issues, but a black non-binary person does all the work of organizing the group and whatnot. That's a great example of what I'm concerned about.

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It. upsets me that the alt-right/etc. assholes stole it, but I still really dislike people that do "virtue signalling."

I mean the folks that talk all day about civil rights issues and prejudice and share links from people getting hurt...

But the moment they actually have to do the real work or are asked to acknowledge and consider their own privilege or bigotry... they get really upset.

The image of being woke and with it means more than actually understanding marginalized people's need

Our landlord seems to be refusing to actually, you know, take care of this house...


I really wanna take new people on airplane rides, but like... COVID pandemic.

the best analogy i have for cryptocurrency is that its like one guy burning your entire villages supply of wood to turn them into invisible beanie babies

aviation, racism 

We had lunch in downtown Cleveland on Saturday. Got ourselves some Mr Hero Romanburgers and sat in the Tower City park to eat.

It's so interesting to me. As a child I was taught that this is a place where "White man don't walk" because my father was a horrible racist. So I never went there.

Sitting there eating while children of various skin colors played in the park... It was honestly really nice. It's a nice city.

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Cedar point looks neat from the air. Can't wait to go back there later this year when I'm vaccinated and things are safe.

"Dating myself with this one," I admit and reveal two headmates holding hands.

@pandora_parrot it's not bad that you're happy about this, in my last apartment the landlord decided to turn the apartment upstairs into an AirBnB without asking us. They listed it as like three or four different AirBnBs that gave you your own apartment, despite the fact they were all in the same apartment just different bedrooms, and we /constantly/ had issues with the renters. They'd walk into our apt by accident if we left the door unlocked, one vomited out of their window such that

My coworker is upset because his super fancy airbnb vacation rental in Tahoe is getting cancelled due to the local authorities cracking down on short term rentals.

Is it bad that I'm kinda glad that's happening? Like airbnb and vrbo and their ilk are a scourge on small communities.

God, this pandemic has left me so depressed... As soon as I can, I'm going to fucking go to Canada and have lunch with @AzureHusky

I just received word that Michigan residents with an underlying risk condition will be eligible for the vaccine March 22!

transphobia, ableism 

Occassionally thinking about how my first job as an out trans person contained enby-phobia.

My coworker, whose cousin is a trans woman, told me the weird statement of that he's "fine with trans people as long as they're not always changing their gender like this one [sic] crazy person in the family"

Definitely scared me off of my non-binary identity for a while. Cuz this guy was "supportive!"

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