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My honeycomb bravo throttle quadrant and alpha flight yoke made it through the move very nicely. Now I just need to find the mount for the yoke and I can put myself back in the virtual sky’s. That will be very nice for training until I get my plane back.

Tried to run moonlight against my powerful gaming computer today. It worked for one gaming session, but then immediately stopped working after that. This is why I really prefer those cloud-based solutions for playing games. They seem to work so much better and more reliably

The cats are so excited to have all their old stuff back in the house. They’re running around excitedly looking at everything and crawling on it in seeming so much happier than they’ve been for the past two weeks

excessive bruising 

After helping move things in yesterday and helping unload the truck, I think I bruised myself through sheer excessive physical activity. I don’t think I hit anything that would have caused all this bruising. Might wanna take it easy today. (All pictures are of my very bruised legs)

Stadia is like the one google thing I actually appreciate. Otherwise, I'm trying to migrate off of their services as much as possible.

I imagine the collective memory of the various oppressed minorities from these time periods were very different than the generic imagery from white idea of those times.

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For the 60s themed episode, they’re doing fake protests by their “Bobs” as a reference to civil rights protests of that era. And I just... yeah.

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Watching cutthroat kitchen’s “through the decades” series, and reflecting on how our collective cultural memory of the past is primarily through white cishet male eyes.

surgery, genitals, amusing 

Something about having received surgery to alter my genitals from a penis to a vulva makes me very amused about receiving "penis enlargement" spam.


Dude. Good luck with that. If you find a way to enlarge my penis after its been turned inside out and most of it has been removed... I'm gonna be impressed.

transphobia, covid 

Trans and intersex exclusive: Men are more likely to die from Covid-19

Trans and intersex inclusive: People with Y chromosomes are more likely to die from Covid-19.

This is a lot more informative and precise, too.

Scout is a Trans Jewish comrade who needs funds to relocate and be able to survive further without having to pay for an apartment they were strapped with by their ex! Any you can give is helpful, and please boost!

The full moon was high in the sky as the werewolf pack stalked towards me, their eyes blazing with betrayal.

"Hey, c'mon... It's not that big a deal," I asserted.

The Alpha stood, growl-whining at me, "You only... pretended... to throw.. the ball!"

"So how can I make it up to you?"

"Throw!" the Alpha barked, the rest of the pack echoing.

I pulled back my arm and hefted hard - they bolted after nothing, again.

Risky, but hilarious.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Learned yesterday that my Apple Watch can wake me up silently in the mornings by tapping me on the wrist! No more blaring loud alarms that wake my partner up!

It was so strange last night. I was exhausted, but I couldn't bring myself to play any games or really *do* much of anything. Ended up just watching food competition shows.

Starts with Netflix's "The Final Table" and hoo-boy that wasn't great. Stopped after one episode and switched to Cutthroat Kitchen. Much better.

I love Color Go Server for live games, but for correspondence games, it's a little too heavyweight.

I logged into tiktok, and it's cute and all... but I do NOT understand how it works. Like... Am I supposed to just experience a barrage of videos like that? It's a little overwhelming.

My new game: Always check the company's website to see if they do their own shipping before ordering something on Amazon.


If you put enough cream and sugar in the instant coffee, it tastes just fine.

Current ETA for our overwhelming collection of stuff being delivered by movers is Feburary 9 or 10! Soon we will have STUFF


We're basically camping inside our rental house right now. We have a toaster oven and appliances, but no utensils. We can cook frozen pizza and stuff, but struggle to get them out of the oven. It's amusing.

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