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My spouse @pandora_parrot is playing Dragon Quest 2 on SNES and I am entertaining them by voicing all the NPCs with weird accents.

I basically spent almost all of today either playing Go or hanging out with @AzureHusky . It's been such a good day.

VR cost analysis, money, sincere 

Here's the result of a little number crunching and eBay searching I did today:

If you have a PC with some form of discrete graphics circa 2014 or newer

Acer WMR Headset complete kit
(Bluetooth dongle if ya need it: $5)
(I'm going to test this headset next week and see if it's any good, because the price is great)
Oculus Rift CV1 complete kit
$200 - $250
Samsung Odyssey / Odyssey+ complete kit

If you don't have a computer:

Oculus Quest (original)
$225 (eBay)
Oculus Quest 2
$299 (currently sold out)
Off-lease HP 6200 tower + GTX 1650 + Acer WMR headset
$225 + $175 + $130

I know some folks prefer laptops:

HP Pavilion i5 laptop + Acer WMR headsetLaptop here:$450 + $130$680

Me: Roli is fucking up as a company and is going down the drain

Also me: Roli has new products?? 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Purchased equator 2 from ROLI. Really wanna play with it soon. Maybe tomorrow!

sa, shitty corps 

Apparenrly, a BUNCH of people received this email today. Despite

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sa, shitty corps 

I just received an update on a report I filed on a shitty kickstarter with a manual for sexually assaulting women. The information about the kickstarter was here:

The kickstarter has been deleted.

And as you can see from this email, it took Kickstarter SEVEN YEARS to get back to me about it.


Elite Dangerous is going free on the Epic Store, very good space game if you like chill space trucking

I think a big part of the way I live my life is that I pick random things to learn about that I don't totally know about right now and then learn them. And in doing this, I slowly learn a little bit of everything.

help vim user onheare my cat is sitting on my escape key

climate change, covid-19 

The way the right is treating covid-19 reminds me a lot of climate change. But instead of lots of people dying in a few decades, we're gonna have lots of people dying in a few months.

right wing bs 

Looking at how right-wing memes are used to convince people of random bullshit... I'm becoming increasingly convinced that modeling them as an organic botnet makes a lot of sense.


Getting the recipe for Pork Tenderloin with a quick/cheat "mole poblano" has been amazing. I love serving that to my family.


If you catch a cold or flu right now, your covid protections are not good enough


It was wet. It cleaned off my aircraft. It was kinda messy and dirty.

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As you may know I'm working on getting my instrument rating. I got to a new level today... I flew in actual clouds!!!!

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