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Oh hey! In all of EVERYTHING going on, I forgot that Beach City turned 2 years old 2 weeks ago! Happy Birthday to Beach City!!!! How exciting!

I really need to read "A Demon Haunted World" by Carl Sagan...

Enby Names are wild because, like, people are already named after random-ass nouns so why should Violet be a name but not Bread? Why is Joy kosher but not Salmon?

enbies literally be out here just committing to a bit that society has already started harder than anyone else

My spouse @pandora_parrot is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. I am a better person for having them in my life, and my love for them is one of the deepest loves I have ever felt in my life. Happy belated 8th anniversary.

california wildfires, unreality, blaseball 

you cant convince me that the collective mental energy of blaseball fans didnt manifest this into reality

I missed it last week because of... everything...

Happy Anniversary to my wife @hyenagirl64 . We've been married 6 years now, and together for 8. :)

Half of furry culture is sharing images/videos of a critter being a derp to people who's 'sona is the same time of critter.

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

TL;DR everything has a recycling triangle on it to make consumers feel better about buying plastics despite the fact that nobody has found a way to actually recycle the huge amount of plastic being disposed of through recycling bins and there was never any intent by Big Oil to actually invest in what would be their direct competition (recycled plastic rather than new plastic from petroleum products).

#Waste #Environment #Recycling #ClimateCrisis

I have completed watching Twin Peaks season 2. Damn that’s a fine TV show.

Money not being real 

This is also why I despise news saying "Musk lost $20 billion dollars today." No he didn't. no transaction occurred, that money didn't exist, except as possibility, in the first place.

The billionaire's lives don't change materially at the loss of the majority of their capital. It's merely the possibility of value that they control, not anything tangible.

Money not being real 

All the time. Especially when people talk about stripping billionaires of their wealth to help others. The game is rigged in such a way that they can't really spend that money, we can't take that money, but the money continues to be an asset for them to grow wealth with, in impossible methods for other people.

Most of their "Wealth" is the trade value of ownership shares they control. Remove them & the value goes down. Seize them & they become worthless.

hi! i'm black circle! you may remember me from such fediverse kerfuffles as hiveway, vantascape, and john shirley

Social network meta 

Nowhere do I feel the horror of social media addiction more than what happened when I left Facebook... The majority of my social network just kinda... forgot that I existed.

Maybe this'll finally encourage me to stop using gmail.

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I'm watching "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix right now. And holy shit, this thing is all about the shit that we're dealing with on places like twitter, Facebook, elsewhere.

Discussions and debates over coding style bug me so much.

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