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COVID-19 resources (UK/US) 

Hello friends and admins! If you run a furry mastodon server, consider subscribing to the relay

mastodon admins can add in their relay settings


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I’m kinda amazed DOOM: Eternal is running at 4K 60fps on this computer. This is frankly amazing.

Hey, folks... has made it possible to donate meals to people. When ordering online, add a β€œHelp Feed Someone a Healthy Meal” to your order. Even if you're not ordering for yourself, you can buy one or more this way to help folks out.

Please signal boost?

Queer movie night online this Saturday, BOOST!!! 

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Jackbox is giving away drawful 2 for free btw for the next 3 weeks πŸ‘€

Saw a toot that made me want to say: you can just wear whatever you want, even if it's marketed towards another gender. You don't need to do anything to unlock access to it.


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I have Doom: Eternal installed AND my copy of Animal Crossing is arriving this evening... WHICH TO PLAY?!

And I'm supposed to play board games with @ayumisilverfox ...

I can’t believe game stop is open and people are going there this evening.


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