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Happy Valentine's Day to all my partners and sweeties!!!!


Snuggle up with a BIG @coda possum dragon!

gently pet a tiny little @hyenagirl64 lizard.

SMOOCH a cute @AzureHusky dog!

And so on!


Roses are red
Parrots are violet
You're the best comet
And my favourite pilot

Employing the lessons I learned from the tutorial, I went off on my own for this piece.

My new hat somehow got torn and now has a big open hole on the top. :( :( :(

I downloaded a game called Device 6 to my phone, but I haven't had time to play it yet. I've heard it's similar to my favorite book House of Leaves...

I'm so curious about how many of you actually understand the Monty Hall 3 door problem. It's so hard to explain the statistics of that to people.

friendly reminder, @multiple_creatures does a ton of work moderating this instance to keep it a safe place for us various creachures.

every time I visit the audit log there they are, making changes to domain policy and suspending bigots. having admined instances before, I know this is a *ton* of work, and also can suck, mentally, to do all the time

aside that, they are working constantly on new features and fixing bugs and keeping the critters on their instance safe from the software side of things too and its honestly exhausting to me just thinking about how much effort that must take.

anyways, if anybody wants to help support them, and keep a good dev supplied on server costs and, I assume some kind of wiggly critters for sustenance, monsterpit has a ko-fi here: 💖

I technically really wanna try playing more of that "Red Dead Redemption" game, but drawing and painting and making music has been calling my name too much of late.


Gonna try to get my plane up in the air this Sunday to go visit @ZenMondo in Columbia, CA. Looking forward to the flight and to seeing them.

Hey @anne or whomever requested that we have a mascot image for celebrating "Netherlands Liberation Day" on May 5. Did you have any suggestions or desires about what it should look like?

@masanbol @pandora_parrot @robin @Galuade All of you Robins are the best Robins. There is a flat hierarchy of Robin Goodness.


Gotta love going to the trans meeting in the conference room named after the movie Mrs Doubtfire.

birdsite BS 

Okay. I'm going to let this twitter crossposter grab my public masto posts and post them to my now locked twitter account. Let's see. Does it work?

social anxiety and social media 

@pandora_parrot This. All of this. But, like so many, I'm force to remain on and engage in both because I need a media presence on Twitter/Facebook for getting an agent/publisher for my writing.

Lots of reasons to prefer mastodon.

on intelligence 

The measure of "intelligence" that IQ tries to measure seems to have something to do with ability to "put 2 and 2 together" or to synthesize information and process it in certain ways.

The failures of this sort of measure are numerous and are documented in many places.

One fascinating thing IQ measurements predict though? How gullible you are. How prone to believing things without sufficient/good reason.

social anxiety and social media 

Plus, in my experience, the twitter algorithms don't like my posts much. So my posts kinda just vanish and get no interaction. Whereas on here, I get lots of replies and stuff.

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