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Spending my night rescuing housemates whose car broke down on the freeway. Dinner is gonna be a tad late... and d and d got cancelled. :(

are there any straight people on this platform? I have some questions...

*hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote* *hands you a cryptobiote*

Listening to this analysis ofDorian Electra's Flamboyant album is FANTASTIC:

It's also a really great analysis of masculinity.

*happy sigh* Just had an absolutely AMAZING game of Go with a colleague. He's getting better, so I need to start practicing to catch up...



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This is such a cool analysis of Breath of the Wild and how it invites new players into it!

Oh my god. The room painting is finally done. There might be a little touch up here and there that we might notice, but for the most part... It's done!

It’s DONE (well, except for touch ups around the room...)

This December I’m going to see the last Disney movie I’m ever going to see until the government starts working on breaking up their monopoly on entertainment.

aviation, xmas 

"Go to any producer in Hollywood and ask them to name a bad guy plan that would have worked. They'll say 'Die Hard' and then you have to say 'OK, give me two.' They can't." -Drew Goddard

medical abuse, birdsite, ableism 

medical abuse, birdsite, ableism 

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Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.