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Intro Toot!

Hi, I am Zen. A bisexual polyamorous Jedi Knight.

I like to write, code, and build electronic gadgets. Avid roleplayer either tabletop or in the virtual world of Second Life.

Both mentally ill (Bipolar I) and chronically ill (Dermatomyositis with Interstitial Lung Disease) and while people may think I should not let my illnesses define me, they impact every moment of my life and are not easily dismissed. This is my lived reality.

Constantly evolving.


Shout out to @ottdogbuns center screen at AGDQ!!!!!! I love tuning in and seeing you!

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To all the citizens of Beach City, thank you all for making this place fantastic and amazing. I appreciate every one of you! you're the heart and soul of what makes this place special, and your participation and interaction in everything makes it amazing. We're all looking forward to a fantastic 2019!

Mixed thoughts on conflict 

Welcome to this new Mastodon instance mostly dedicated to promoting #OpenSource #Security #Privacy in #Luxembourg @cataspanglish

We are slowly building up a community here but in the meantime follow a couple of nice chaps like @Edent which knows a couple of things about Open Data and Open Source and @rysiek which seems to know a thing or two about #infosec.

Maybe the #CIRCL and #MISP team could join this instance?


Hey @theclub are you there? I'm seeing SSL issues contacting your site.

Did die? My logs are full of issues with it.

Guys, please remember to tag your GDQ posts! It’s a lot of fun but there are some people who can’t really see their timelines because it’s flooded with untagged gdq content that can’t be filtered out

It took over 2 hours, but we're up on 2.7.0rc1!!!!!! WOOOO

GAAAAH. Update to Mastodon 2.7.0rc1 is failing. :(

When I run docker-compose build, it hits a snag building nokogiri, saying it can't find libxml2.

Now that I don't have a Facebook account, it's SHOCKING just how much content I can't get access to. How frequently someone links to Facebook and I can't see the results without creating a dummy FB account. As the saying goes "That's how they getchya"

Some negative stuff 

Every queer person I know is working double duty to take care of as many queer folks as they can. Taking care of your community seems to be a second job for so many of us.

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Beach City

Beach City is our private beach-side sanctuary for close friends and awesome folks. We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.