"you work at the billionaire factory, I don't think we can be friends"

"it's okay though, i refused to join the murder team"

"...why was there a murder team... never mind" *click*

Feathered Serpents from Mansions of Madness second edition. Six hours of painting for the pair.

climate change and politics. 

@uint8_t 100%!

There was a time where eI would fret over every little cost...

But substantially inconveniencing myself for a minuscule global benefit just... isn't a good calculus.

If I stopped eating meat, stopped traveling, stopped using electricity, stopped using carbon ineffecient goods... I would have almost no effect on climate change.

Me personally changing my actions isn't the solution.

We need to change society at large.

climate change and politics. 

@uint8_t I do agree. When I see an easy way to reduce carbon emissions, I go for it. We reduced down to 1 car for the family because we don't go out much anymore thanks to covid.

But if we want donuts from the store, I'm not going to fret about adding 0.6kg of CO2 to the atmosphere driving there just for donuts. I'm not going to optimize to minimize reductions.

climate change and politics. 

@rosemary I don't fret about like "I'm driving to the store to get some donuts for my family. But should I really do this when driving a mile to the store and back adds 0.6 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere?"

I can't make micro decisions like that at that level. Weighing my family's desire for donuts against whatever impact 0.6kg of Co2 has.

We need collective guidance and action, not stuff like that.


@pandora_parrot Agreed. I did a rant on this earlier today about my gender being more of a process and social space I occupy than a fixed or quantifiable attribute.

climate change and politics. 

@rosemary The degree to which we need to reshape human behavior is so substantial, it's terrifying to me.

Once society starts actually trying to work on climate change, our society is going to look A LOT different.

In the meantime, me turning off some lights and eating more veggies means virtually nothing.

climate change and politics. 

@uint8_t If I inconvenience myself to reduce emissions... I'm doing very little for the environment, but increasing my stress and so on.

For example: The issue isn't me eating meat. It's meat being subsidized and propped up by society into this massive industry that turns it into one of the cheapest and most convenient sources of calories despite its incredible impact on the environment.

We don't need individuals to stop eating meat. We need to stop together.

climate change and politics. 

@pandora_parrot True. Rather than blaming human error at an individual level, we need radical, structural changes to society and culture that will reshape human behavior at the population level.

climate change and politics. 

@uint8_t 1 vote out of a few millions is small, sure. The average US household emissions of 16 tons against 6.5 billion tons produced in the USA alone is even smaller of an impact, even if we reduced ourselves to zero emissions, which is nigh impossible.

climate change and politics. 

@uint8_t A single vote can matter in close races.

A tiny reduction of carbon amidst the massive carbon emissions in our society isn't really going to do much of anything.

The changes we need aren't personal. They're global and political.

climate change and politics. 

Like. We're putting out 14.5 trillion pounds of carbon a year. My carbon footprint is a minuscule fraction of that.

Fretting and worrying about how to minimize this stuff isn't going to help anyone or anything.

But voting for real change and people to put policies together that really change things WILL.

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climate change and politics. 

I don't spend a lot of time trying to minimize my impact on climate change, despite feeling this is a massively important issue.


Because any choices I make can have only a minuscule effect overall. We need large scale legislation, taxes, etc. to change what's going on.

Me driving less or flying less is gonna do almost nothing. Me voting for policies and people dedicated to fixing the climate will do a lot more.

re: essentialism 

@flowerenby Yeah. It's one reason I'm personally really annoyed by people talking about others as "eggs" like there was this self inside always waiting to hatch.

I feel like that's... too simplistic. It sort of pushes a particular identity onto people.

Instead of letting people sort of just... explore.

I prefer to treat these things more like an "open world game" than as a game with a particular end goal with strict linear levels.


Sometimes, I feel like the obsession with finding one's "true" or "essential" self leads us to some really strange metaphysical claims. Like we have a soul that is essentially male, female, gay, straight, non-binary, pansexual, etc.

For me, my experience is that I don't have a "true" self. There's just endless varying aspects of me.

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I find the idea that people were "always the identity they currently identify with" a strange notion.

Like.. At times in my life I've identified and presented as male, female, non-binary, and more.

I don't feel like I've "always been non-binary" because that's what I am now.

I think they're just different labels I've applied to describe a shifting landscape of self and society.

twitter drama 

In the process of doing this, I have been subjected to death threats, ageism, classism, and people making jokes about fucking my dead mother.

*These* are the people I'm supposed to believe are advocates of lesbian justice?!

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twitter drama 

I've been so intensely frustrated with bi/pan lesbian discourse on the internet, so I decided to wade in on it this evening for once.

it's an important day at work today so your latex lizard work spouse has themselves all shiny and nice from their everyday dull appearance.

You can even see a reflection of yourself in them like a mirror! Well... kind of...

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