vacation, aviation 

vacation, aviation 

vacation, aviation 

happy #pronounsday no it is not demeaning to use it/its pronouns for me and others who choose them

respect people's pronouns whatever they are

I’m black.

I’m pansexual.

I’m non-binary.

I’m soft.

Don’t fuck with me :3c


Scroll down:

"Prohibited: Imitating elk calls or using buglers. Imitating wolf howls."

@KitRedgrave I don't know if it's actually $350. It might be more or less. But yes.

When I went to Yellowstone, one of their rules is that they impose severe fines on people for making animal noises, particularly elk and wolf noises.

That's right, they have a $350 fine for Awoo.



@coda Correct about what you should be doing little possum. *stern mama bird glare*

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