invisible minority status 

It's such a strange liminal space. To be marginalized and erased while still getting privilege from the very thing that results in you being erased.

To not be marginalized to the degree that folks with visible minority status face, but still be marginalized. And to be further marginalized BY that lack of marginalization, since it's harder to get support and community around those marginalizations.

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invisible minority status 

Another example are disabilities like my CAPD. I function as hearing 98% of the time, but when I don't, people are very unsupportive. I've literally had partners throw things at me because they were upset I "wasn't listening to them." I've had meetings with people that I could not function in. I don't have support on how to navigate this.

But most of the time, I don't need to. And I can switch situations easily and get back to functioning as hearing quite fast.

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@Anarkat That sounds like my wife. We just applied for a home loan, and they're asking her, and only her, to provide a letter of explanation stating that she's a US citizen.

invisible minority status 

An example I'm thinking about is my wife, who mostly passes as white and is treated as white by most people. But being latinx has resulted in her multiple times experiencing racism and discrimination as a result. Currently facing a loan situation that involves her being asked to state that she's a citizen for some reason.

But she's mostly cut off from her hispanic heritage because her mother chose to raise her as "white."

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Invisible minority status, like invisible disabilities, is a fascinating liminal space between privilege and marginalization.

A person who is perceived by the world as majority-class will have prvileges granted to them that people with visible minority status do not receive.

But they ALSO expereince various kinds of marginalization without necessarily having access to the support systems people with visible minority status get.

AND get erased constantly.

as of today, everyone is eligible for the covid vaccine in every US state, washington DC and puerto rico

covid burnout 

It just feels awful to see people living like there's no pandemic while we restrict our lives from things we desperately need.

Sure, to some degree, we have the luxury of doing that. We have a household of 5 and WFH-capable jobs.

But I'm not talking about people that hang with one person. I'm talking about people having massive indoor parties and stuff like that.

I don't care about outdoor stuff. All that's fine. But indoor socializing without masks... It's just frustrating.

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covid burnout 

Do you know that I still don't have a doctor to prescribe me HRT? Neither do my partners. Several of us need to go to the dentist and haircut and eye doctor exams, etc.

My wife and I went out to an unpopulated outdoor restaurant for the first time in a year yesterday, because we flew 2 states over to a place with very low covid numbers after being vaccinated for several weeks.

Here we are, and yet I still see people hanging in bars with friends without masks and stuff.

My new neighborhood has a bunch of Black Lives Matter signs up in front of houses. I like it.

@erisian_phoenix I'll be flying out to California for a week and seeing people in person.

I'm gonna be travelling back to the office July 12! Probably! It has yet to be set in stone, but I'm seriously considering it.


@silverfox Hells the fuck yeah. Looking forward to it! You get vaccinated yet?

@erisian_phoenix my own training based on a professional one I know about.

@erisian_phoenix I had to train my brain to be able to pull out distinct sounds by doing several years of intense training. Subsequent to that, I can now make out invidual parts of music that I couldn't make out before. *ON TOP* of that, I'm learning about music and because of that learning, can reason about it.

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