Oh right! I'm also officially a game developer. I'm working with the creators of games you've probably played. It's neat.

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I love this home arcade of ours. We got the Godzilla machine in today. It kicks ass.

i'm happy now

because you know what this means?

individual instances can go down, sure

but the fediverse will pretty much always be here

i can always count on being able to move somewhere else if the place i'm at shuts down

i intend to be a part of this community as long as it's a thing that exists

and it looks like it'll exist for a good long while

so i feel reassured

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I'm not flying a lot, which makes me sad, but I AM playing a TON of board games with friends. Really super excited to continue to make friends and whatnot.

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exercise, health 

What's been going on with me, though?

Well, we got our dream house all buttoned up. Got an arcade and theater in the basement. Got a hot tub. Living it up, I guess.

So now I'm working on my body and health again. Rock climbing twice a week and going hiking every weekend.

I don't post much on social media these days... I've just got a weird vibe about it. LIke, I'm performing for others or bragging about things... It's weird.

@vantablack I wouldn't worry about it here. We're small and you're chill. :)

If there are no objections, I'm going to upgrade Beach city to the latest and *remove* the "local only" posting option that's causing me so much merging grief.

I see a lot of folks talk about "drops" but I really don't know what that is... Usually around collectible things.

My biggest impression of Austin, TX is that it has great food and terrible freeways. Also really cool people that are being pushed out by the tech invasion.

Really looking forward to heading back to Michigan tomorrow. I haven't seen one of my housemates for a month thanks to travel + covid isolation.


Flew my family out to Austin, TX for 2 weeks to hang out with a bazillion people. Heading back tomorrow! We'll be stopping in St. Louis, MO for St. Louis style pizza!!! ^^

Sorry I don't post here much... I've kinda just gotten out of the habit of posting on social media in general. Tired of feeling like my life is on display for others... or like I have to perform "awesome life" in order for others to feel engaged or something. Probably a holdover from the world of likes and subscribes, idk.

I really don't think I can understate just how rare a quality it is for someone to actually reflect and hold themselves accountable.

It's always nice to see.

I just wish there was more of it.

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