So @coda and I wrote up this song yesterday! And we kinda switched up who usually does what kinds of parts. This came out so good! It's still a bit WIP but I'm loving it.

I rejected this song a while back as being too silly and simple, but listening to it today, I actually kinda like it?

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I feel like this didn't quite reach the quality I wanted, but I liked parts of it:

A super cheerful/triumphant song thing I wrote a while back while learning trance stuff. Didn't hit "trance" but it's not terrible? IDK. Not sure if this one should be shelved or picked back up. I kinda like it.

My submission for today. I doubt I'll do too much this month, but I plan to write a bit! Dunno if this one is finished yet or not. I need some more time with it to feel it out.

Creating feels so absolutely amazing. Every time I do it, I'm just filled with an incredible feeling. Honestly, creating *anything* feels that way.

I still walk around my house singing my song "I need to see" that's inspired by the final episode of Steven Universe.


Okay! I think this song is finished neough that I'll free it into the world! Enjoy!

And thanks @coda for helping me improve it enough to get it finished!

Still my most popular song to date. Clearly @coda makes my music better. :P . Good robo synth bot!

And because I'm fucking around tonight, here's an older thing where I wrote a simple beat and just was jamming on top of it for 5 minutes. It doesn't go anywhere or do anything, but bits of it are pretty fun.

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And here's my WIP from tonight. I am working on rerecording pretty much everything in this one and adding some nice bits on the edges, but you can hear where I'm going with it. It's called "Breathe"

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