I love how one of the instruments in this track sounds like it's meowing. :)

I think I wanna spend more time working on this little track I threw together a week or so ago. I'm really liking the potential in it.

I should really open this music project back up and expand it into a full song. music.beach.city/library/track

Or maybe make something with the same style? I like this "Fantasy Adventure" style thing. :P

If I have set this up correctly, you should be able to start to see my music directly at @pandorasrobin

This is my almost finished version of a song I'm working on It's kinda silly and fun. :)

I wrote this on the Nintendo Switch! Touched it up and arranged it in Ableton.

The last two loops I've made have sounded so different than other stuff i've made. I feel like doing that drum study the other day has really helped my production. I should actually complete a few songs and see what that results in.

Wrote a little loop yesterday.

It's very different from other things I've written.

Okay. I REALLY like where this WIP is going. I wanna spend more energy on it getting it mixed better and cleaned up.

So @coda and I wrote up this song yesterday! And we kinda switched up who usually does what kinds of parts. This came out so good! It's still a bit WIP but I'm loving it.

I rejected this song a while back as being too silly and simple, but listening to it today, I actually kinda like it?

music, mental health 

The reason I was thinking about that "little devil on my shoulder" that I was talking about one thread ago is that I'm writing a song kinda sorta from its perspective? Here's what I've got so far.

I feel like this didn't quite reach the quality I wanted, but I liked parts of it: soundcloud.com/compact-joy/bre

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