I don't know what it is, but there are a lot of pilots that love to donate their time and airplanes to causes that they find worthy.

There's pilotsnpaws.org/ for helping get dogs and cats to better places.

There's angelflight.com/ for flying medical patients to far away needed medical care.

There's the Backcountry Santas ksl.com/article/46695696/backc that deliver supplies to the Navajo Nation.

And more. A pilot coworker did a Red Cross blood run yesterday even.


Stopped in Redding on the way home.to get gas. Omg it was so incredibly hot there. Over 100...


I love my airplane's cockpit panel. It's got everything I could want in it... Well, except for a decent auto-pilot.


Took my plane out to make sure the engine is happy. Got some amazing shots of the area. It’s so green this time of year.


I feel like even if I give up the aviation life at some point, this new MS Flight Sim 2020 will satisfy me quite happily: youtube.com/watch?v=AzKy3JycWR


First flight in over a month, and I managed to do a simulated power out landing to a perfect on the numbers landing at a nearby airport! First landing in over 30 days!!!

My partner "failed" my engine at a random time mid-flight and I had to react realistically.


Gonna try to get my plane up in the air this Sunday to go visit @ZenMondo in Columbia, CA. Looking forward to the flight and to seeing them.

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Found out the pilot for Kobe Bryant was a close friend of a colleague. The community is very very small.

He was talkinga bout how it really sucks when you see your now deceased friend's decision making and whatnot being criticized, and knowing he'll be forever immortalized as "the man that killed Kobe Bryant."

Offering a lot of condolences this morning.

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Tonight @hyenagirl64 and @coda and I planned out our May route to travel around the USA in our small airplane. Here's the route!

We planned it by getting an official aviation map of the USA and using little strings representing roughly 4 hour legs. We used white and blue marbles to indicate overnights. (White = overnight + travel. blue = no travel.)

And we have 6-8 days of spare time for weather.


I flew 146 hours in the past 12 months... Dang.

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My aviation friend Toby and I are got a commission from @Feverdreamless celebrating our love of aviation and camping! I love it!!!!!!


Pictures from my Bay Tour with a friend yesterday!

That's the golden gate bridge, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and Half Moon Bay!

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