Tomorrow, I fly to 1O2... For the first time in years! I love flying past that old dormant volcano that is around Clearlake.

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Here’s another part of it zoomed in. I don’t actually β€œplay” like this a lot when flying, so this was just me having some fun, following some rivers, practicing some maneuvers, etc.

My flight home from Columbia might have been a bit meandering and silly....

Noticed the weather around San Jose was degrading so we got out of there while we still had a chance and flew to Bakersfield for the night. We will do the Grand Canyon flight tomorrow morning!!!

I think I need to work on my crosswind landings. I keep experiencing a wing rise after touching down and its annoying.

THEN they told me they'd "call my base" which means they'd tell me when to turn towards the airport, and they completely forgot about me and I had to remind them when I had maybe a minute or two before I was gonna start flying into the mountains. I came around almost straight into another plane landing on the parallel runway and didn't get my landing clearance until I was almost on the ground... AND I had to remind them about that too!


And THEN I was entering the downwind for Reid Hillview just as another plane was turning crosswind to downwind for them. ATC told me to hold my altitude, but I climbed a bit and kept them off my elft just to be safe and keep an eye on them, since we were basically directly on top of each other.

The trip back from Half Moon Bay was interesting the other day. As I crossed over San Jose airport, a twin cessna was entering the pattern to land there. But ATC told me "proceed direct Reid Hillview" despite that course putting me straight in front of the twin. So I followed behind them. I was practically *in* the downwind for SJC behind the twin.

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I was explaining some related stuff to @Catgoatraptortegu the other day and I was somewhat surprised to realize just how much I know about aviation nowadays, as I described thing after thing.

I guess I've learned a bunch about it.

But holy shit, I still have so much to learn.

In order to fight against β€œget there iris,” I always make sure that literally every flight I do has a backup plan. I tell friends that ask me for rides β€œDo not rely on me.” I have plans for what to do in the event of an issue setup ahead of time so that I reduce the pressure to β€œpress on” when something is wrong.

My god, I'm gonna fill my plane with 5 people this weekend...

OMG I love ! I especially love taking kids and other new folks on their first flights.

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