I love this home arcade of ours. We got the Godzilla machine in today. It kicks ass.

gender bigotry mentioned 

Bigots: "Gender is a clear binary. You're either male or female."

Lions: reddit.com/r/bi_irl/comments/p

6th Sense meme, autism 

I see autistic people. They don't know they're autistic.

How often do you see them?

Walking around like allistic people. They usually recognize each other, but they don't understand why. They only see what neurotypical society lets them see. They don't know they're autistic.

Omg. My cat is waiting at the door for us because we keep leaving to work on our new house!


Our home theater has had everything temporarily setup to check positioning and sizes and stuff, and it looks great!

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Updates on moving! We have begun the busy busy task of prepping our home to move into in 2 weeks!

First, of course, is the arcade!

gender meme from twitter 

I broke that gender meme that's going around.

bloody eye, medical, physical health 

Uhhhh. I think I’ve developed two cysts in my eye today. 😱


Oh this is cute! I ordered a motorized tug so I didn't have to manually push my plane around anymore. When I opened the box, a balloon popped out!

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