I’m safe. I’m home. I’m exhausted. I literally flew across half the country today. Time for food and couch.

We are down and alive in Elko, NV. Had several thunderstorms to dodge but we made it!!!

My poor cat is wearing the cone of shame and she can't go into bedrooms right now. I slept in the family room last night so that she could still be near me while she was so upset.

Aviation adventure 


And because I'm fucking around tonight, here's an older thing where I wrote a simple beat and just was jamming on top of it for 5 minutes. It doesn't go anywhere or do anything, but bits of it are pretty fun.

And here's my WIP from tonight. I am working on rerecording pretty much everything in this one and adding some nice bits on the edges, but you can hear where I'm going with it. It's called "Breathe"

Here's something I was working on while @AzureHusky was visiting! The vocals are temporary placeholders right now, and there's no melody or anything but the bass and drums, but I really like the way this sounds and want to develop it more OMG.

Let's try this mp3 upload feature thingy. Here's a track I worked on with @coda not too long ago. I call it "Letting Go"

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