We’ve been showing the house to possible buyers and have had to completely vacate while they look. Because of covid, we’ve been just driving to a restaurant parking lot and hanging out in our cars. It’s been rough on the cats especially.

After we got back after the morning showing, my cat seemed really upset. She started uncharacteristically meowing plaintively at us. I got up and she lead me upstairs to the bedroom, making it clear she wanted her favorite cuddles: sleeping on top of me.

house building, moving 

Our move planning continues.

We've got a moveout date. January 31st. I upgraded our tickets to first class since it was a cheaper than normal upgrade, and we're bringing two cats with us.

The house we're building has basement walls now! Check it out in the pic!

Still trying to figure out a temporary place to live in Michigan once we get there.

physical injury 

Bandaged up with antibiotic. Ow. Everything is getting all red and swollen.

(Pictures are of my hands all bandaged up)

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We packaged up our leftovers and delivered them to 5 friends who were alone for the holiday and a couple who caught covid and couldn’t make themselves anything special for dinner.

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sa, shitty corps 

I just received an update on a report I filed on a shitty kickstarter with a manual for sexually assaulting women. The information about the kickstarter was here: caseymalone.com/post/533395396.

The kickstarter has been deleted.

And as you can see from this email, it took Kickstarter SEVEN YEARS to get back to me about it.



Flew out to my friend's dirt strip today to have a little impromptu outdoor BBQ and socially distanced hang out. It was nice to see folks, and to land on some actual dirt again. Runway was SUPER rough, but it was useable and fun. I'll throw some photos on this post and following!


The new radio on my airplane panel has a T/F button.

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