graphic image of injury, bruising 

graphic injury pictures, bruising 

My drawing of @adventuremouse is starting to look pretty good. Thanks @pexl for the original art that I'm heavily referencing!

Not bad for my first figure drawing.

So @coda and I wrote up this song yesterday! And we kinda switched up who usually does what kinds of parts. This came out so good! It's still a bit WIP but I'm loving it.

My new office at home is really fantastic. Currently in music mode.

food, furry image 

selfie, ec 

This is attempt number three. Itโ€™s starting to feel okay in the upper body, but the lower body is still completely wrong. Maybe I should look at more mouse drawings? Or try to draw some humans first? Aaaaaaaugh.

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I rejected this song a while back as being too silly and simple, but listening to it today, I actually kinda like it?

Decided to paint some space stuff

Caption isnโ€™t working, so description in reply

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