aviation, racism 

We had lunch in downtown Cleveland on Saturday. Got ourselves some Mr Hero Romanburgers and sat in the Tower City park to eat.

It's so interesting to me. As a child I was taught that this is a place where "White man don't walk" because my father was a horrible racist. So I never went there.

Sitting there eating while children of various skin colors played in the park... It was honestly really nice. It's a nice city.

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Cedar point looks neat from the air. Can't wait to go back there later this year when I'm vaccinated and things are safe.


I have, at times, been a cutie. 4 year old picture.


First home cooked meal in the new house!! New York strip steak with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy.

excessive bruising 

After helping move things in yesterday and helping unload the truck, I think I bruised myself through sheer excessive physical activity. I don’t think I hit anything that would have caused all this bruising. Might wanna take it easy today. (All pictures are of my very bruised legs)

My kitty is so unhappy because we’ve changed everything in the house in preparation for the move. It’s gonna really suck in a couple hours when she gets shoved in a bag for like 9 hours.

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