I see a lot of folks talk about "drops" but I really don't know what that is... Usually around collectible things.

@pandora_parrot yeah that's basically it. It just means "new semi-random thing has been made available to collect."

In normal video games it usually means an enemy has dropped items upon defeat. Usually they're randomly generated.

In free-to-play gacha games it can mean "new item has beem added to the game" or "the game has randomly given me an item."

In NFTs it means NFTs were suprise given out for "free."

Etc etc

@pandora_parrot For collectable vinyl figurines it usually means the figurine maker randomly made a bunch available for purchase. Often these will have random variations in color or design as well.

@pandora_parrot I just am familiar with video games where you defeat an enemy and get a random item from it or stuff like that, and how sometimes people grind to get like this ultra rare 0.0001% drop or whatever haha

@pandora_parrot From the context I've seen, I think it means that a significant amount of product has been made available for sale and is first come first serve. Not all collectable places will necessarily have product available all the time (particularly small business creators), and some will be limited releases, so once they're gone, they're gone.

@pandora_parrot I think this originates in music, like "new single dropped" or "new album dropped". To me it just means released, or debuted, or made available for sale.

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