Another thing I like about some older games? Fewer rules.

When you could explain all the rules in just a few minutes and get right into the game, that game was amazing.

That's something Return to Dark Tower does really well. The game is fairly easy to understand, and most of the complexity is in the app.

I actually think Root is fairly easy to explain and get into, having done the teach just the other day. Most of the complexity comes in each faction's specific behaviors, which are written down on their player boards. Explain conflict, how to win (get 30 points) how the shared cards work, and then point at the board "Read your board for the rest"

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@pandora_parrot that reminds me of the inverse, the type of game that’s so complex that after 90 minutes of reading the rules and comparing against the board to try and figure it out, you actually have to play a 6-hour session before you really understand it and uuuuugh

@pandora_parrot Dang but we've been meaning to play more Root. Or Oath.

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