Currency, especially social 

Recently, some folks gave me a bunch of reddit karma and awards for a short story I wrote on there. It was an odd experience, since I have no use or value for such things.

It felt like I was from an alien planet and someone was handing me a bunch of money, but to me it's just green paper I have no use for.

On my planet, likes, reddit karma, geek gold, and all their ilk have little to no value. Folks I associate with trade in other things.


Currency, especially social 

Like. What matters to folks I tend to associate with are things like "conversations" and "how much we hang out" and "What do we want to do with one another." Less things like "How much money do we collectively have" or "how many internet points can you give me?"

Currency, especially social 

@pandora_parrot This was what drove me off of deviant art back in the day, it was near impossible to actually talk about art or get critique or whatever because it was all about meme gifts, currency and likes

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