The past few months have been... a lot. Quit my job at Netflix due to them enabling transphobia. Then my partner and her spouse started getting into conflicts. Couple that with covid chaos, and I've been just kinda... all over the place.

Holidays have been nice. We've actually had up to 8 people total in our house (up from our usual 5) by using a variety of means to stay safe from covid. Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful examples of those holidays. I've had massive numbers of board game events to play. All covid safe.

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So it's been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Lots of stress. Lots of chaos. But also a lot of wonderful family moments that bring happiness in the midst of all of that.

Looking forward in the next few days to starting my new job as a game developer for a really neat indie development company with some cool bonafides.

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I'll be doing Unreal Engine stuff, which I've never done before. I'm shocked that they're doing this, but they want me for my UI expertise, and are willing to let me learn Unreal on the job as I go. I haven't even done C++ in 10 years! O.O

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