Facebook down and disability 

I saw a post from someone about Facebook being down being bad for folks trying to socialize with other disabled/marginalized people.

And here's the thing.

That can be true, but it's because Facebook is essentially being an abusive bully about it.

It essentially drags you in and then threatens you with losing all your social connections if you choose to leave.

That's... evil and abusive.

Yeah, they've made it easy to connect. But they do so abusively.

Facebook down and disability 

If Facebook died. Like really died. It would hurt a LOT of people. In many countries, WhatsApp is basically an unregulated utility, for example, for phone communication.

But people collectively would rebuild. Hopefully something better and less exploitative and abusive.

While Facebook offers us the devil's deal of having connections if and only if we support their destruction of the fabric of society... We're in a horrible bind.

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Facebook down and disability 

@pandora_parrot It's sad that I consider myself extremely lucky that me not being on facebook means losing contact with a fair number of people, but that most of my friends are old enough that we have email lists as a fallback or willing to use Signal/Matrix. =/

But group email lists are very much endangered themselves, it is *hard* to create a new one with commercial services that aren't intended as a way to spam people. Google Groups are not a substitute... =(


Facebook down and disability 

@neltnerb It's true. New things need to come into existence. The fact that things don't work that way anymore is BAD.

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