6th Sense meme, autism 

I see autistic people. They don't know they're autistic.

How often do you see them?

Walking around like allistic people. They usually recognize each other, but they don't understand why. They only see what neurotypical society lets them see. They don't know they're autistic.


6th Sense meme, autism 

Seriously though, I am constantly running into autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people, or people I'd *SWEAR* are such, but because of the culture to which they belong, they don't actually believe they are such. Or perhaps the idea has never crossed their mind.

6th Sense meme, autism 

@pandora_parrot i was one of those people (technically still lacking formal diagnosis since it takes forever to get, but eh). then i met @owl and a lot of things suddenly made much more sense.

re: 6th Sense meme, autism 

@pandora_parrot It took my husband a good 10 years after I met him to realize what was going on, partly because he's AFAB and autism presents a lot differently there. Most people only know the surface-level signals, and then only the stereotypical cis-guy style.

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