Sharing different politics 

I think a lot about sharing social space with people who are politically different than I am. In part because I'm into aviation, and there's a lot of people in that that are more towards the right side of the political spectrum than I tend to be.

I'm generally fine with it, but I have... rules about it.

Primarily, I have hard boundaries about people being assholes/bigots.

The other thing is that I need to feel safe being honest about my own views on things.

Sharing different politics 

I'm pretty far to the left, honestly. While I don't "identify" with the left, it's definitely where I am when you evaluate a lot of my views on things. Firmly in the "socialism is pretty good, actually" camp in a lot of ways.

I tend to be tolerant of different viewpoints perhaps because I used to be an anti-gay conservative christian myself.

I know that talking to people not like that is part of what got me to change.

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Sharing different politics 

So, for example, when my center-right aviation aquaintance on twitter talks about how he doesn't like the idea of student loans getting forgiven, I tell him about how I don't like the idea of loan companies preying on young adults before they're capable of making good decisions on such things.

And it winds up being a decent conversation, I think. In which his view is tempered a bit and things come out a little better. IDK.

Sharing different politics 

Also "good decisions" like people always have a choice in this matter... That's not even necessarily the case. Ugh.

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