I finally figured out how to actually get into VR Chat, and have started playing it with my partner @coda
I gotta say. It's super cool to jump in there and be really tiny to their really big dragon. Very neat experience. :P

@pandora_parrot @coda trying it on vr was incredible even (maybe especially) having done it on desktop. but one of my controllers has slightly broken input so i constantly slide around and it's really frustrating and nauseating :(

@flowerenby @pandora_parrot @coda i had a problem like this too when i tried it (original htc vive) a while ago. tried it more recently like some months ago and they'd fixed that bug

@scanlime unfortunately it's a controller issue, i can see in other apps that the touchpad is registering input even when I'm not touching it

@pandora_parrot @coda That's a fun thing about VR, VRChat and NeosVR in particular. The size things are very Feelings.

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