D&D racism/etc. 

The third company to have the name "TSR Games" is imploding right now and getting banned from all the things because their creator is specifically catering to the "Games without politics" crowd.

It's disappointing, but this is just the son of the original racist wearing his father's name/company name. It has nothing to do with the original company at all, really.

And it has nothing to do with the modern Wizards that's trying to be more and more inclusive.


D&D racism/etc. 

In particular, he made an off-hand joke about how many table top RPG makers are dissed for being "old-fashioned, anti modern trends, and enforcing gender identity."

In other words... he doesn't like how many RPG makers are being asked to re-evaluate the racist and transphobic tropes in their games, so he wants a game system independent of that.

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