I'm always fascinated by the way that some people will confidently make false statements. Like, they learn a little about something, and then speak as though they know a lot about it.

I've seen a few examples of this lately with some of my current special interests. I'll share a few:

Mentions products 

"I bought a Google Stadia"

Google Stadia isn't something you buy. You can buy a controller or a chromecast, but you don't need to. It's free to use, but people keep saying this.

"Purple mattresses are memory foam like the others."

They've got that weird grid thing. No memory foam in sight.

"You don't own your games on Stadia."

Perhaps true, but also true of Valve's Steam, Nintendo's e-store, etc. GoG is a rare counter-example where you can "own" your digital games.

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