mmmmm. Just played a fantastic game of Go with @Eerookah !

More and more Go entering my life of late and I LOVE IT.

@pandora_parrot @Eerookah wait wait wait

1) Eerookah is on masto?
2) Ya'll play go :0000

@yeenbean @pandora_parrot It was, to be fair, my first game in a decade and a half, and I was thrashed.

But as of an hour or so ago, we DO play go!

@Eerookah @pandora_parrot nice :0

I downloaded an app on my phone and played a few weeks ago for the first time in...a similar length of time

I am NOT GOOD at it but it's a good game

@yeenbean @Eerookah I would be so into playing and teaching as best I can! @AzureHusky also plays!

@pandora_parrot @yeenbean @Eerookah @AzureHusky I want in. And for virtual games I actually have a small go Salon in Second Life. And I once ran a go club (in Casper, WY).
Can I sit with the cool kids?

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