you shouldn't become a mod if you feel this fucking inconvenienced by a report lol

putting the blame on the reporting user is fucking ridiculous. the same 2 seconds the user could've taken to look at the other person's profile are the 2 seconds the fucking mod could've taken to, y'know, dm a snouts mod instead of screenshot dunking lmao


@tom A good mod should *encourage* reports.

Please send me reports! As many reports as you can! Even if you think something is just marginally borderline!

I won't necessarily respond to all of it, but I'll definitely record it and keep an eye on things.

@pandora_parrot literally!!! just marking a report as resolved because it turned out to be nothing is the best outcome!! I don't have to do shit and everyone's happy

@tom Exactly!

To be clear, I don't know enough about the current meta to comment on that specifically, but in general, YES! Report report report!

@pandora_parrot @tom also I won't see stuff if people don't report it
I can't watch the fed timeline all day lol

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