I know people still use it because Facebook holds tons of their social connections hostage and has made their users so addicted to it they won't communicate any other way.

There's a reason I call them evil.

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Zuckbook, HEAVY sarcasm, sexism 

I know I call the website evil and dish on it a bit. Perhaps I should be nicer about the website that started so a bunch of rich tech dudes could rate and compare how hot and "bangable" college girls are.

Definitely the website and corporation we want manipulating and controlling democracy across the world and mediating increasingly larger amounts of human interaction.


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@pandora_parrot Most (?) people also give their email address and other things to FB so you can just download your contacts and get email, phone numbers, and whatever else they've provided. So you can still stay in touch. Although IME many FB users aren't actually interested in that, when it's not on FB. :)

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@pandora_parrot facebook made me feel bad regularly before i deleted my account ~2013. i haven't missed it since then.

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